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What Is Cryptography

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A lot of people think that cryptography started when computers were invented. Well, even before the age of computers, this technique or discipline has already been in existence.

Cryptography Defined

By definition, cryptography is about protecting the secrecy and integrity of messages. Today, electronic messages are the ones that require this technique. What happens is that the electronic messages are converted into cipher form or unreadable texts. In order to make the text readable or clear, a key or software is used that employs algorithms or mathematical formulas.

Today’s modern techniques are considered virtually unbreakable, so if certain information needs to be protected, cryptography will play an important role. Encrypting readable texts into cipher texts is not that hard, but if you don’t know the key, it would be impossible to make the text readable. Only through code-breaking or cryptanalysis can these encrypted messages be transformed into clear texts.

With the increasing popularity of computers, tabs, and other similar gadgets, the need for cryptography has also increased. Strong encryption requires knowledge of advanced mathematics. This discipline can also include digital signatures and authentication.

Encryption Categories

In terms of computer encryption, there are two categories:

• Symmetric
• Asymmetric

The first category is also known as single-key encryption. This means that there is only one key to encrypt an electronic message and to decrypt it. The opposite is the second category which is also referred to as public key. In the asymmetric encryption, two keys are used instead of one – the public and private keys.

Benefits of Cryptography

There are times when you need to deal with sensitive information. In this case, you will surely benefit from cryptography. One way to prevent leakage of secret or confidential information is by converting the text into cipher form. Only when the information is deciphered can another person use it.

Though the internet offers a lot of opportunities, safety is not always guaranteed. Even if cryptography is not always 100%, it is one of the best ways to secure vital pieces of information. Now, you can shop online or surf the web without worrying about other parties intercepting valuable information.

A lot of hackers and cybercriminals are now looking for potential victims. If you don’t use cryptography, you are putting sensitive information at risk. For instance, an original message can be altered when it is being sent online. Hackers will only need to access the message and change the meeting through the use of special software or programs.

How Cryptography Works

The process is quite simple. Firstly, the sender will convert the text to unreadable format (cipher). When the recipient gets the information, he or she will need to decrypt the information so that it can be returned to its plain or original format. To carry out cryptography, there are elements at play and this includes plain text or info, encryption key, and the encryption algorithm. With these elements, anyone can handle cryptography

With this little knowledge, you can now enjoy surfing the web, doing some online shopping, and other activities that require the use of valuable information.

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