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Navajo History

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What is Navajo history? Navajo is one of the oldest tribes in the world. Long before the theory of land bridge from Asia to North America all through the Bering Strait, the elders of Navajo tribe already told their story about the Navajo history. The Navajo history is considered as one of the most colorful and interesting stories in the American history.

The Emergence of the First Man and Woman

The Navajo recounts that the emergence of the first man woman and the first world to the fourth world or the present world we live today. The first man according to Navajo history brought the significant mountains such as the Yellow Mountain or Mount Humphreys, Turquoise Mountaion or Mount Taylor, White Mountain or White Mountain and Black Mountain Hesperus Peak. These mountains are very sacred for Navajo people. Many anthropologists believed that Navajo split from Southern Athabaskans to Southwest during 200-1300 A.D.

Cultural Development

During the period of 900 and 1525 A.D. the tribe has developed a complex and rich culture in the location of the present day New Mexico. This is also the period according to Navajo history start to develop trade network with the historic Pueblo and Anasazi peoples, which also brings new technologies like moccasins and flint points through the southwest. Additionally, some Navajos also relocated to southwestern Utah in 1620. The early years of eighteen century, the Navajo people spread to Southeastern Utah and northeastern Arizona.

Encountering the Spanish Explorers

The Navajos came to contact with the Spanish explorers in 1600 century. In 1680, the Apache and Navajo group helped the Pueblo Indians during the Pueblo revolt. This is the war of independence from the Spaniards who have enslaved and brutalized the Pueblos for several decades. The rebellion resulted for the Spaniards to return to Mexico. On the other hand in 1893, the Spanish re-conquered the Rio Grande Valley. This is where some Pueblo people seek refuge to Navajos. This has resulted of the mixture of the tradition and culture of two tribes. The relationship of both groups has blossomed and even make them realize the significance of working together as one group that fight the Spanish colonizers to protect them as well as their children.

In the late phase of 18th century, the Navajos has experienced direct problem with the Spanish colonizers as they intend to conquer the Southwest. To weaken the Navajo tribe, the Spanish has formed an alliance with Utes and Comanches and from this period many people became a victim of Spanish Slavery.

The Navajos are indeed some of the most interesting tribes in the Native North American history. They are known to have rich culture and tradition. Additionally, they also have known for their myths and legends such as the coyotes and skinwalkers, which are quite creepy. However, these are just myths and are not solid evidence, although many people especially elders believed that they are real.

Knowing the history of Navajo tribe is important especially if you want to have the knowledge about this tribe in the U.S. Despite of the new technology, Navajo has able to keep their old customs and tradition.

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