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Navajo Religion

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The Navajo, or Diné as what they called themselves, have been the biggest group of Native American in North America. Their migration and emergence tales have been related to some Southwestern tribes like Hopi (whom they had rivalry). The Navajo ceremonies like Mountain Chant and Nightway have been renowned due to the beautiful liturgy.

Native Language

They are speaking their own native language which is called as the Athabaskan or Navajo language. The Navajo has been a unique tribe which is comprised of various fascinating aspects into its culture. It has a very long history and culture characteristics like unique government, distinctive language and many things that definitely make them extremely special than other tribes of Native America.

Navajo religion is considered as a part of the highly interesting things when it comes to these kinds of people. Most Navajo religious practices are called as Navajo Way. They have numerous ways to practice and express their own religion.

Unique Characteristics

The unique thing about their religion is that they do not recognize a supreme being. Navajo religion is worshipping watercourses, sun, winds, and numerous gods that believed to intervene in every human affair. Such gods have been worshipped by offerings as well as ceremonial dances to honor them wherein they have been represented by masked and painted men.

They do believe that there have been 2 main types of beings. These are the Holy people and earth people. Even though they cannot see Holy People, they feel that these harm or help the earth people. They have been very powerful that is why they should be worshipped and performed with ceremonies often.

Their Views on Nature

The Navajo Way never viewed religion as the activity that must be separated from daily encounter in life. The livings things (animals, people and plants) have been a great portion of the religion and their life. Everything has a purpose and spirit in their own world. The main intention for Navajo people is maintaining balance and peace and stay in harmony with nature and the world. They are not showing great interest in terms of after life since they are viewing death as a soul that goes to other parts of the universe. It carries on a new way like they were still alive.

Spiritual and Healing Practices

One great way practiced in the Navajo religion has been demonstrated by spiritual and healing practices. Spiritual practices for these people are more on restoring harmony and health to life. There were ceremonies that are used in healing illnesses and giving life to a certain person. When a particular Navajo Indian has been sick, they look for medicine man. The medicine man got numerous ways to heal someone. They are using things and practices like trances, healing chant or crystal rocks. After selecting the trance and chant, they are going to proceed to the ceremony along with wish luck and short blessings on the patient.

Chants, sandpaintings, blessings, singing, dances and ceremonies have been a part of numerous practices in Navajo religion. They got several strong beliefs in this world and sincerely believe in harmony and balance.

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