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When Did World War Two End

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The World War II is considered as the deadliest and most unforgettable war in the entire history of the world. Many countries used their economical, scientific and other resources to be able to fight and sustain their civilian and military sources. The conflict of many countries provoked the occurrence of the most deadly war in the world history. Many people suffered because of poverty, pain and other negative outcomes resulted by the war.

Fame, power, pride and personal motives of many countries also cause the rise of the World War II. The real victims of the said country are the civilian people and all the people who fight for the advantages of their country. No one would want to have war because war will only means death, suffering and pain to the life of many people.

War can neither create nor destroy a structure of a certain country. It can create because it can a one way for a certain country to get all the things that they think belong to them however it can definitely destroy and steal many lives. War is not a good thing because it only means that there is a high possibility that many people might lose someone they love. Miss communication and pride definitely also causes the rise of conflicts and war within many countries.

The End of World War II

The end of the war can be a new start for many people and countries. The start of the end of the World War II happened in the year 1942 when the Axis stopped and Japan lost in a critical battle at the are near the Hawaii. Germany was also defeated. The Germany faced many defeats that lead to the initiative of the Germany to surrender. The Allies accepted the retreat of Germany on May 8, 1945 a week after Adolf Hitler committed suicide

In the year 1944, the alliance of Western countries became successful when they able to invade France and the Soviet Union able to get back all its territories. In the Asia, in the year 1944 until 1945 Japan began suffering defeat. The United States defeated the Japanese forces. The drop of Atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9 provoked the Emperor of Japan to surrender. The surrender statement of the Emperor was announced through a radio address. The end of the in Asia served as the total victory of the Allies. The war in Europe also ended with the defeat of Germany by the Soviet Union and the Western Allies.

Outcomes of the War

No one will ever win a war whether a country able to conquer it enemy because war means lose of many lives and damage to the many properties of the country. The World War II brought devastation and suffering of many people and stole the life of many people. The entire duration of the war there is an estimated more than 100 million people died because of the war.

Brand New Start

The end of the World War II served as a new beginning for the many people and almost more than 30 countries that participated in the war. They need to start a new life and make their economy rise again. The war also served as a way so that many people will value world peace.

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