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Navajo Art

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Navajo arts often focus on the ability to weave rugs. This talent is known the world over because of the unique aesthetic qualities that are in the final product. The stylistic changes that become incorporated into each piece come from teachings that were handed down from the Holy People. You can identify the region of origin with a rug based on the design it carries.

There are some additional Navajo arts which are growing in popularity around the world today as well.

1. Silversmithing

This work came to the Navajo people in the 19th century as people from Spain and Mexico moved into the region. The first items came from melting currency from the U.S. or south of the border, with turquoise quickly becoming part of the process. The ceremonial significance of these pieces cannot be overstated.

2. Pottery

Artifacts from the 16th century show us that the Navajo people have almost always expressed themselves through this art form. You will find numerous figures, etchings, and designs on individual pieces to communicate a specific message. Although the pottery is no longer confined to the traditional methods or styles, you can still find experts creating items for ceremonial use in the Nation today.

3. Wedding Baskets

The Holy People made baskets for ceremonial purposes as part of their origination of First Man and First Woman. This element of artwork in the Navajo culture carries with it a special significance because they are often given as gifts or part of a household display. As with the rugs, there can be different designs based on the region of creation.

4. Sandpainting

This symbolic art form is another talent believed to have been handed down from the Holy People. You can find it for sale in some galleries throughout the Navajo Nation, but it is still primarily a ceremonial labor of love. This work can represent sacred songs as well, with some families and individuals creating their own works based on the unique history of their lineage. Authentic sandpainting occurs on the ground, but you can purchase items placed on a board to take home.

Navajo arts have earned their global recognition because of the outstanding quality of each piece. Discover what it means by incorporating a piece into your home soon.

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