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When Did World War Two Start

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War is definitely not a good thing. It only cause fear and suffering to the life of many people. Many people lose someone they love because of war. War may cause other negative things to the life of many people. There are many reasons that cause the occurrence of war in the different parts of the world. Many people especially those who experience war might never forget the war that happened and the things that cased by the war. Power, pride, fame and other personal purposes might trigger the occurrence of conflict and worst of one country with other country. Alliances of different countries may also create or even destroy the camaraderie of one country to other countries.

What is World War II?

The World War II plays a vital role in the rich history of the world. The history and events during the World War II will never be forgotten in the history of the world. It was an event that the old generation might never forget because of the pain, suffering and poverty that many people experienced caused by that issue. The life of many people that time was full of fear and devastation because war is indeed not a good thing for everyone.

The World War II is also called as the Second World War. It is also considered as the Global War. The war lasted from 1939 up to 1945. It is considered as the greatest war that involved many countries around the world that include many powerful and great countries. There are two developed military alliances that opposed to each other which are the Axis and the Allies. It directly involved almost more than 100 million people from more than 30 countries that participated in the World War II. The cause of the war was the different conflicts in Asia.

During the state of the World War many countries used their industrial, scientific and economic capacities to sustain their military and civilian resources. The war was marked by the death of many civilian people and military people. The Second World War was considered as the deadliest conflict in the world history. The three Alls Policy, Bombing incidents, Holocaust and the first use of Nuclear weapons are the incidents that made the World War an unforgettable and dangerous war in the entire history of the world.

The Beginning of Suffering

The World War II started when the Japan desired to conquer and dominate the East Asia. The Germany also aimed to invade the Poland. The declarations of war of Germany with United States of America and France also triggered the World War II and the formation of alliances of different countries around the world. In the late 1939 and early 1941 the Germany formed the alliance with Italy called the Axis.

On September 1, 1939 the Germany attacked the Poland that triggered many European countries to react. The different motives, pride and power also triggered the formation of the war within many countries around the world. There are countries that participated in the war to protect their sovereignty while there are countries participated to be able to get what they wanted.

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