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Unbiased Transracial Adoption Pros and Cons

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Adoption is a beautiful thing that provides a child in need of a loving family, with one. However, one of the biggest controversies that the adoption world is facing today is the issue of transracial adoption. Transracial adoption, also known as interracial adoption, is when a child is adopted by a family with a different cultural, racial, or lingual background. Recently, all limitations have been lifted on these types of adoptions in the United States, but should a child’s best interest in the long run be taken into account? Let’s take a look at all of the pros and cons of transracial adoption.

The Pros of Transracial Adoption

1. Large Need
There are a significantly higher amount of ethnic, or non-white, children that need to be adopted. This creates a win-win situation for both the parents and the child because the child can be placed with their new family much faster.

2. Expands Cultural Views
Adding a new member to the family, especially one with a different cultural background, provokes the family to really learn about their new members roots. It helps the other children, if there are any, to be more accepting of others and to view things differently. It also helps the adopted child to learn about their new families roots and values.

3. Better Handle With Discrimination
Children that are adopted into a family with a different ethnic background tend to be able to handle social stigmas and racial issues better than children who did not grow up with the same diversity.

4. No Secrets
One little thought about benefit of interracial adoption is that it is nearly impossible to hide the fact that they are adopted from them. Once they get older, they will inevitably notice that they are different from the rest of the family. This is good because it allows the topic to discussed at an early age and the communication to be open.

The Cons of Transracial Adoption

1. Extended Family Acceptance
A large obstacle that many people face when adopting a child of a different race is the acceptance of their family. Prejudice, racism, and many other issues can come in between the parents of adoptive children.

2. Feeling Of Isolation
When the child gets older, or if they are already school aged, then they may feel like they are isolated from the rest of their family. This can cause depression and other negative problems in their lives.

3. Bullying
Children have no filter on their mouths, and tend to say whatever they are thinking. When they notice that their classmate is different from their family. This can cause bullying problems among peers.

4. Outside Influences
You cannot control everything that you child does. As they get older, they will possibly begin to associate and identify with people of their own cultural background. This could cause even further resentment and problems with their adopted family.

5. Loss Of Culture
Being raised in an environment that is not familiar with or actively celebrates your particular background, you can loss touch of your roots. Helping these children to connect with their background can help them to feel a sense of belonging.

Important Facts About Transracial Adoption

  • Families that are open to interracial adoption are required to go through rigorous training programs.
  • 25% of children that need adoption in the United States are African-American.
  • Studies have shown that 75% of children who are transracially adopted adjust wonderfully to their new homes.
  • Asian children are the most commonly internationally adopted children.
  • There are regulations in place that could stop an adoption based on cultural problems.
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