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Cobalt Wedding Bands Pros and Cons List

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Cobalt is a type of metal that is commonly used to make wedding bands. It is a very strong metal that shines a bright white, making it very appealing. It’s uses doesn’t end with jewelry either, it is used widely in the medical and dental industries as well. When choosing material for a wedding ring you want something that is attractive, durable, low maintenance, and will last you a life time. Let’s see if cobalt rings meet all of these criterias by exploring the pros and cons.

The Pros of Cobalt Wedding Bands

1. Quality Appearance
The look of cobalt is very appealing. It highly resembles white gold and shines brightly. The color is a pure white, making it look like pure white gold, for no where near the price.

2. Low Cost
Cobalt wedding bands are very economical and affordable, especially when compared to other rings of their caliber. You can find nice cobalt rings for as little as 200 dollars.

3. Durable Metal
Platinum is a very hard metal, but cobalt is seven times harder! This makes it very scratch resistant, which is a sought after quality for wedding rings because of how long you wear them.

4. Hypoallergenic
Certain variations of cobalt rings, those without nickel, are completely hypoallergenic and do not cause any skin irritations. This is a great benefit for anyone who has metal sensitivities.

5. Good Under Pressure
Under very extreme amounts of pressure most metals will crack, but not cobalt. Instead of shattering or cracking apart, cobalt rings will bend underneath a massive amount of pressure.

The Cons of Cobalt Wedding Bands

1. Sizing Issues
The biggest problem with cobalt wedding bands is that they are extremely difficult to size. This is due to how hard the metal is.

2. Can’t Be Cut Off
Regular jeweler cutters will not cut through the tough cobalt in these rings. If you injure your hand or need to have the ring cut off in an emergency is can become a large issue.

3. May Not Be Hypoallergenic
If the cobalt has been mixed with nickel, than the ring would not be hypoallergenic. There have been many reports of negative skin reactions to these nickel/cobalt blend rings.

4. Limited Designs
Due to how hard cobalt is, the ways it can be worked are very limited. If you are looking for an elaborate or unique ring than many other metals can offer you more design options.

Important Facts About Cobalt Wedding Bands

  • Cobalt become an element on the periodic table in 1735.
  • Cobalt mixed with chrome is the most common type of cobalt alloy used for jewelry.
  • Depending on the availability, cobalt rings can be difficult to find in some places.
  • Cobalt has an atomic number of 27.
  • Cobalt metals is very commonly used in radiation therapy for cancer.
  • The vitamin B12 is largely made up of cobalt.
  • When being used in jewelry, cobalt must be demagnetized.
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