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The Pros and Cons of Zoos

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Zoos are places that keeps and cares for a collection of all sorts of wild animals. They put these animals on display in order to allow the public to come and enjoy looking at and learning about. Some people have began to raise eyebrows at the level of ethics and humanity that is being exercised in these establishments, specifically regarding the treatment of caged animals. Let’s take a close look at all of the pros and cons associated with zoos.

The Pros of Zoos

1. Provides Education
Zoos allow kids and people of all ages to come and observe wild animals in up close ways that would normally not be possible.

2. Kept In Natural Habitats
The natural environment that the animals live are taken into consideration when developing the habitats in the zoos. They try their best to mimic what their lives would be like in the wild.

3. Conservation
Captive breeding programs help to preserve the small number of some of these animals that we have left. This could help to prevent extinction of some species.

4. Strict Regulations
The government and various organizations have set extremely strict regulations on zoos. This includes regular check ups on the animal and rigid procedures for acquiring new animals.

5. Research Opportunities
Having large and exotic animals in enclosures allows scientists and researches to conduct studies on them to better help us understand the way they work. This could help to save even more animals.

6. Entertainment
Going to the zoo is fun for everyone, it is a great source of educational entertainment. Kids are able to enjoy watching the animals as well as learning about them.

7. Longer Lifespans
The animals that are kept in zoos have access to nutritious food, clean water, and veterinary care 24/7. This makes for a much longer average life span for these animals.

The Cons of Zoos

1. Change Natural Behaviors
Animals that are captured and brought to zoos tend to develop behavioral problems as a result. This causes concern for the over all well being of all of the animals in the zoo.

2. No Way To Recreate Nature
While zoos do a very good job at creating a natural habitat for the animal, there is no way to simulate the actual environment that they belong in.

3. For Human Amusement
The fact that these animals are captured and placed in captivity for the sole purpose of entertainment is one of the biggest reasons that anti zoo campaigns exist.

4. Conservation Is A Pointless Gesture
While zoos do try their best to mate the animals that they have, the offspring are normally kept at the same zoo or simply moved to another one. This does nothing for the numbers of these animals in the wild.

Important Facts About Zoos

  • Some zoos have banned animal print clothing because it causes the animals to act defensive.
  • Most animals live a much longer life in zoos, but the opposite is true for elephants.
  • Exotic animals at zoos have been repeatedly “kidnapped” by poachers to be sold on the black market.
  • Many illegal private zoos are owned by the drug cartels.
  • Zoochosis is the term given to animals who begin to exhibit very unnatural and abnormal behaviors while in captivity.
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