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Permanent Makeup Pros and Cons List

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Permanent makeup is just the same as any other permanent tattoo on your body. A tattoo gun is used to put pigment where you would normally apply makeup. Things like lip liner, eyeliner, and eye brow pencil are permanently inked into the skin. This is beneficial for many different reasons, but these procedures come with their fair share of risks as well. If you are trying to make the decision whether to get permanent make up or not then it is important to understand all the facts.

The Pros of Permanent Makeup

1. Time Saver
Waking up every morning with your makeup already done is a major time saver for most women. This is the biggest drawing point for women to get this done.

2. Allergies To Traditional Makeup
Makeup allergies are not uncommon, and can be a large obstacle for the women who are suffering from them. Permanent makeup is a great solution for these people.

3. Lack Of Technique
Women who struggle greatly with putting makeup on properly can have a perfect face of makeup with permanent make up.

4. Health Struggles
Health conditions, like arthritis can make it difficult to apply make up. Also hair loss due to chemotherapy or other issues can be camouflaged with permanent makeup.

5. Money Saving
Imagine never having to buy another stick of eye liner ever again. Well with permanent make up you get this benefit. Many costs are kicked to the curb because you no longer have to purchase expensive cosmetics.

6. Can’t Sweat It Off
Women who spend a large majority of their time either swimming, in the gym, or sweating in general no longer have to worry about their make up smudging or coming off.

The Cons of Permanent Makeup

1. Risk of Infection
Having permanent makeup procedures done in an unsterile environment or with dirty needles can lead to a very nasty infection. Since these procedures are done in sensitive areas, the infections are much more difficult to handle.

2. Painful
Permanent makeup is about as painful as a tattoo, the only difference is the type of skin they are doing it on. The skin on the lips and around the eye are extremely sensitive, this magnifies the pain of the procedure.

3. Allergic Reactions
It is not uncommon to be allergic to the type of ink that is used in permanent makeup. These allergic reactions can cause you to swell and scar and are very difficult to treat.

4. Nearly Impossible To Remove
Even with all of the advances in laser technology to remove tattoos, permanent makeup is a different story. The pigment is very difficult to reach and is in a dangerous locations for the use of lasers.

5. Scarring
People with skin that is prone to the development of scar will likely experience the formation of keloids in the area that the procedure was done.

6. Very Expensive
Permanent make up is not a cheap process. Depending on the skill, amount of experience, and quality of the work each procedure can cost between 500 and 1,000 dollars!

Important Facts About Permanent Makeup

  • Permanent makeup tends to begin to fade after only a couple of years, unlike normal tattoos.
  • Most places will not tattoo colorful, or drastic colors onto the face.
  • Seeing a wide variety of before and after photos is the best way to choose your artist.
  • The older that you are, the more worn your skin is, and the longer the healing process will be.
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