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7 Pros and Cons of Polygamy

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Polygamy is a form of alternative marriage that allows a man to take on multiple wives. This form of marriage is very traditional and has been around ever since Biblical times, however many people believe that even then it was condemned. The lifestyle of polygamy has been recently gaining attention due to popular television shows that document polygamist life. If you are still on the fence about polygamy, leaning all of the pros and cons will help you make a decision.

The Pros of Polygamy

1. Strong Support System
In polygamist families there is always someone to talk to. In the wives case, other wives who know exactly what they are going through. This helps to build relationships and trust between the families.

2. Helping Hands
There are a lot of responsibilities and chores involved in running a household. All of these are split up in polygamist households among multiple different people. This helps to lower stress in the household.

3. Pooled Income
When there are more than two spouses that work, the income is all brought together and is typically much more than a normal household. This helps to relieve stress, provide basic necessities, and financial security to the family.

4. Abundance of Love
Polygamists believe that there is no such thing as too much love. Have more than one wife also means having more than one set of children. All of these children get to grow up and bond together, all while having the love and support from many different “mothers”.

The Cons of Polygamy

1. Jealousy Issues
Having to share your husband with other women is not an easy thing to do. Major jealousy issues come into play in polygamist homes. This causes tension, fighting, and resentment.

2. Men Don’t Have To Control Themselves
Men are naturally impulsive and sexual creates, this is something they have to learn to control when they enter into a relationship. In polygamy, the man doesn’t have to learn to control these impulses because he commits adultery every day with his multiple wives.

3. Not Best For The Children
In polygamist families, there are often lots of children, far more than the average family. This is due to the fact that all of the wives have children, instead of just one. While there are many mothers, there is still only one father. This means that the time they get to spend with their father is very small, and it would be nearly impossible to care for them in the way that normal fathers do for their children. This also causes a large split in money, with each child brought into the family, the quality of life decreases.

Important Facts About Polygamy

  • The leader of the largest polygamist church in the country is in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault on a child.
  • Warren Jeffs, the fore mentioned leader, has 80 wives.
  • Polygamist women do not cut their hair, ever.
  • Polygamy is a Greek word that translates to “often married”.
  • Group marriages is a variation of polygamy that involves multiple husbands as well as multiple wives.
  • Polygamy is a purely person choice and has very little to do with religion.
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