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Navajo Morning Prayer

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About the Navajo

Dine or Navajo for the most part are the most plentiful of the Native American Tribes having 290,000poeple. The region of the Navajo that is approximately the size of Western Virginia officially takes in 25,000 sq miles at the juncture of North Eastern Arizona, Western Mexico, South Eastern Utah.


Religious gathering take account of chants, songs, sand paintings as well as prayers. Rituals are known as Ways. Singer is the name of the religious leader who sings particular song as well as makes sand paintings. Rituals were provided to the Nine by the sacred ones, who guided them in how to say the morning prayers as well as songs. Significant classes have been passes down together with background and widespread wisdom. Rituals are utilized for curing the sick, for celebrating special and happy moment like the birth of an infant as well as the blessing an individual.

Morning Prayer

It has been the tradition and practice of Navajo people for many years to greet each day with Morning Prayer. Frequently prior the sun breaks the eastern sphere Navajo’s rises from their bed and does a special prayer ritual in a particular place.
While every prayer offering during the time of the day is essential in its individual way, Navajo Morning Prayer has special significance. It has been known that every Navajo has spiritual attachment with everyone and with the mother earth as well.
The main objective of this early morning prayer to Navajo is to carry the seeker into the existence if the incoming day with open mind and open heart. They believe that if they can arrive at this point they can influence the incoming day. There is an incredible level of power flowing in the present time. As Navajo seeker, the only objective is to be really in the present time where the energy resides and not burdened with reliving the things happen yesterday or stress about what is supposed to take place today and tomorrow.

Usually Navajo Morning prayer stars by praising God and appreciating all the blessing he gave to them. During the Morning Prayer, Navajo ask assistance to keep them safe and free from vices. Like other kinds of prayer out there, Navajo prayer is also about asking help in order to obtain the things they want and most of all asking guidance to make the whole fall into a proper place.

Activities of Navajo Morning Prayer can differ, depending on their interest and temperament. Navajo Morning Prayer can take account of reading bible, singing and many more. When it works the way it should be, they end up feeling rejuvenated, that this time will be exceptional. Navajo should be feeling calm and quiet and portion of the whole range of nature.

Why Morning Prayer?

Dine believes that Morning Prayer will help them clear their minds and at the same time recapture the current moment. Every morning liturgy of Navajo people is made in order to allow the memories as well as the worries in their heads to flow in their minds.

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