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Navajo Horse Blankets

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The Purpose of Horse Blankets

The purposes of horse blankets have changes greatly over the period of time. Horse blankets were not first thought of to be utilized for horses and where more of a typical all purpose everyday item. Not just had their intentions changed but the fabrics and construction as well.

The Origin

The origin of blankets for horses can be dated back to the old American traditionally, horse blankets were utilized by Navajo’s for keeping warm, spiritual ceremonies, rugs and other traditional usage. Horse blankest were also bartered for possessions. It was a traditional practice to exchange these horse blankets to other outsiders and tribes. Spanish foreigners utilize these blankets as cushion for their saddlers or as a security between horse and rider.

How Horse Blankets Are Made

Navajo spend so much time making horse blankets they were woven using their hands and utilizing wool cloth. The wool fabric needs to be washed and spun prior to start the process of weaving. Dyes were generated through utilizing vegetables and plants for a combination of remarkable colors. Some Navajo horse blankets were made smaller to be utilized with saddles.

Navajo horse blankets are available in various materials and styles; however the wool is by far still the preferred materials by many horse trainers and owners. As with everything which is made to survive extended use of reliable wool blanket is not often expensive, and must be well regarded as investment. With extra care, just needing a small attention, horse blanket made of wool will last for a lot of years, although utilized for many hours.Navajo horse blankets aside from having a remarkable style, it is also regarded as the most durable blanket available. Woven by hand you are certain that small details are done perfectly.

Horse Blankets Today

At this point in time, Navajo people still hand weave colorful horse blankets. Navajo horse blanket is renowned among horse owners and trainers and regarded as the most sought after blanket as well. Navajo blanket are built with brilliant inks for earth combine colors and sometimes have fringed on the end. The real and true Navajo horse blankets details diamond outline and are praised and desired for it simple as well as gorgeous quality.

Tracking a real Navajo horse blanket at this point in time could be difficult and costly. Horse blankets today are few as they were vigorously used and wore out fast. Those who want to buy real Navajo horse blankets most times utilize them as decorative piece or keepsakes to their office or home because of its remarkable and attractive design.

Navajo horse blanket are available in various colors and fabrics. There are personalized Navajo blanket to the measurement of your horse or paired the color of the blanket to the barn. Today there are a waterproof blanket that is beneficial for some reasons. There are also blankets that help horse with heat exposure. On the other hand from previous years and until now, Navajo horse blankets are a remarkably cherished item. From the collection pieces to daily practical usage, Navajo horse blankets will always have a fascinating and interesting history.

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