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Navajo Saddle Blankets

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For more than three centuries, the Navajo tribe had been weaving the very popular Navajo saddle blankets. It has been the tradition of the tribe to create blankets for their own use and is doing the activity as a part of their tradition for a very long time until they have stopped it. In the 1890′s, the Navajos have stopped their process of weaving blankets just to be used for their own needs. By then, they have started to weave rugs.

Though there was a time when the production of the blankets was stopped, the quality and popularity of these blankets were still in demand especially for the locals. What makes the blankets really special is the fact that the unique styles of the blankets as well as its quality are very impressive. There is a wide range of blankets that are made by people from the tribe from the early years till now. People can choose from different ranges of thickness, colors and sizes.

Even if Navajo experts felt that the Navajo saddle blankets made in the early years where just referred to as fancy ones, there are also people who are saying that some of the blankets made before were made to give warm to anyone. This is seen and felt especially from the blankets that are made by mothers especially for their children. For most mothers, the creation of these blankets along with its small designs is not only for fancy purposes but also to give their children something that would keep their children warm all the time.

In the 1890′s, most of the Navajo saddle blankets made out of Germantown wool gained fashion recognition from many people because of its very eye-catching design and style that has ever executed. These were woven tightly and are made in various bright colors. During the 1900 till 1930 was known as the golden era for the Navajo saddle blankets. This was the era wherein the artistic designs were sought after by many as the designs were expanding and improving continuously. These designs were still innovated through the years even in the middle period of the 20th century. Designers were exploring more designs and are trying to keep the range of designs from expanding continuously.

There were single saddle blankets from the Navajo tribe were measuring at least 30 inches square while those double saddle blankets have the same width yet has the length that is twice the measurement. For extra padding, these blankets are doubled over by users while keeping it a stylish as possible.

Even if the traditional saddle blankets from the tribe have started with plain stripe patterns, there were many innovations made both on the single and double blankets because of the transitional period. As this period ended, the designs were then placed on the edges or corners of these blankets since these are mostly the parts that are shown when worn. There are also those double blankets that are designed with different patterns in each side to give it a unique look. These options make these traditional Navajo saddle blankets really popular not only for the locals but also for fashion enthusiasts.

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