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Navajo Coyote Stories

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Coyote is one of the most well-known figures in Native American History. The Navajo coyote stories perhaps one of the most interesting characters in the Navajo folklore tales. As a matter of fact, it is considered as a culture hero even if the aspect of the life it introduces is usually negative. In Navajo it is known as Ma’ll.

Origins of Navajo Stories

The origins of Coyote aren’t usually told, but Pima considers this as the off-spring of moon as some believed. Coyote typically travels with companion, usually a brother or with family members. Maybe this is common companion is the fox who is considered as a co-creater of coyote. Coyote usually travels with Alsea maker Suku. Coyote plays a very imperative rile in Navajo tribe appearance.

The gender of Coyote is always male. The masculinity of this character is usually exaggerated with his masculinity, which references to his male genital as very large one and it may require a pack to hold it. The lust of Coyote according to the Navajo coyote stories is expressed through his desire for the changing bear maiden. With his effort to make love with women by becoming a baby and usually the desire of Coyote to have sex is resulted to incest, wherein he will have sex with his daughter, mother-in-law or other close relatives. In Kawaiisu story, the children depart and go through the sky and become stars. In Big Star Way in Navajo story, the coyote will trick his small brother just to sleep with the wife of his brother. Coyote usually credited to make the most pleasurable love making by eradicating the vagina dentate teeth or by transferring the location of the genitalia. This is believed to be coyote’s unique way to get satisfied when having sex. The appetite of coyote for menstrual blood usually is common practice usual in puberty rites of Lakota girls. The food choice of coyote according to legends is carrions.

As culture hero, the Navajo coyote is also believed to be the accountable for the finality of the death. According to Maidu, he introduces sufferings and work. Additionally, the Apache also believe that the coyote has imperative role in the European’s origin.

Navajo Coyote is usually characterized as a inquisitive fellow who wanted to do what everyone is doing no matter if there are some limitations. This usually gets him into big trouble as discussed in the Eye Juggler story. Truly makes coyote a risk-taker, he will do anything just to satisfy his wants and needs. In certain cultures, the Coyote isn’t only a wily charlatan or unexpected hero, Coyote according to Navajo Coyote is feared, malicious shape shifter according to Navajo Yenaldlooshi.

Coyote is indeed one of the most interesting characters in the Navajo stories. The story of coyote is passed by elders from generations to generations. This is the reason why even at the present day, Navajo Coyote is still widely researched topics especially for people who are interested in the rich history of American southwestern.

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