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Navajo Ceremonies

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The Navajo ceremonial laws have been surrounded by different aspects and rites. These include supernatural laws, natural laws, performances, food and cooking, human laws, nights and days, Hataa[ii, patients and jish. Navajo ceremonies cover many different elements that are all crucial to the overall process and celebration of their own belief and culture.

5 Major Navajo Ceremonies

Blessingway has been the ceremony which awakens one into a natural order. It makes life-affirming and constructive choices and heals from decisions and intentions that can destroy oneself as well as others. Navajo ceremonies are not requiring the conversational process of removing a precious child in a natural order. It then replaces such spiritual identity with the deficient self-image which must be re-mediated into other desired progress end-state.

When people have been awakened to a natural order, they start living a loving way. This has been a way of being in a reverent revolution and making life-affirming and constructive decisions.

The 2 main ceremonies of Navajo are the Blessingway and Protectionway. They have been offering protection against contaminants such as maladaptive emotions including guilt, anger, hate, fear, jealousy and even toxins from external environment.

As the 5-fingered people, it corresponds to 5 major Navajo ceremonies that each child can take advantage of. These major ceremonies are the following:

1. Protectionway – the divine masculinity that serves as the protector-provider.
2. Blessingway – this honors the divine feminine that serves as the nurturer.
3. Cleansing and Purification – it comes with very specific names used for distinct purposes.
4. Spiritual renewal – this is the 9-day ceremony designed for spiritual renewal.
5. Journey to the world of spirit – this is the ceremony for persons on their spirit world journey.

Dine Ceremonial Laws

Native Dine language has been providing the guidelines corresponding to such laws. Payers and songs have been the rules that were settled standards while these policies. The sacred, holistic, respectful and spiritual rules have been placed in between supernatural. The ceremonies will be conducted with various procedures and rules which have been followed for safer treatments. These are also providing protection and safety for sung over


Some foods could not be served in chanters protocol. Foods should be cooked and there must be no ice or sea food. In some places, turkey, pork and chicken are not allowed to serve. The cooked meat should be cut up and fruits like oranges, melons and apple must be sliced. Never use plastic ware or paper ware. Patients must provide their eating utensils.

In terms of supernatural laws, some elements included are twisters, dust devil, water, lightning, wind, rainbow, fire, lunar ecliptic moon, sun, light, etc. With natural laws, these involve mountains, plants, grounds, livestock and environmental.

Ceremonial Process

As part of the ceremonial process in Navajo ceremonies, offering should be given to holy people as they ask for direction and guidance. These holy people are informed to appear in Hataal. Prayers and songs are said to achieve full recovery. The patients are made holy while immunity has been established. Jish will be used in treating the sung on going back to a healthy life.

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