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Navajo Clans

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Do you have any idea bout Navajo clans? If no, then, this is your best way to expand your ideas. Navajo clans are being studied upon by a lot of professors. They have their significant role in the modernized life of the Navajos. The clans of Shonto are more historical and not functional. They also have their uneven distribution in the many different lineages.

Kinship In Navajo Clans

In addition, the Navajo people have their kinship system which follows the lineage of women. As the four main clans are established by Changing Woman, all those women became a member and brought the name of the clan along them. The clans still exist today while others are created because of circumstance. At the present time, the Navajo clans are mainly at around one-hundred and forty. K e is the kinship system and is believed to be the strength of all people. It also keeps the people together.

Apart from it, Navajo is mainly matrilocal and matrilineal society. Each of the Navajos fits in the four unrelated and different clans. According to the tradition, the people are not allowed of marrying into the previous two clans. Even at the present, they are being discouraged. K e also reaches the Gods and the natural world. The people are still among the relatives. As per the names of Navajo clans, they are drawn from the locations to where they came from. One of these places include of Kinyaa’aanii. The clans also include American Indians such as Commances, Puebloans, Utes, Apaches and Mexicans.

The tribe of Navajo has grown into the present system of seventy to eighty various Navajo clans. At the present, there are no authorized clans that represent the Anglos, Asians, Blacks and the like. Navajos have single parent that is a non-Navajo and another parent from African-American, Anglo-American and Asian-American. The clans are mainly broken into nine clan groupings; however, small groupings are already recognized.

Discovery of The Clans

Actually, the discovery of Navajo clans relies on a woman who lived with her magical powers. She transferred all the way from the homeland and to the new place. She became sad and lonely that she decided to go back home. She wanted to be with a lot of friends that she decided to make new friends. She made four clans by rubbing the different areas of her own body and making new friends. She also rubbed her own chest and creates for the Kiyaa’aanii person. At her back, she rubbed it to create Hona’gha’ahnii person.

She also kept on rubbing her own underarm in making di’chi’iinii person. The last part is that the left underarm is rubbed in making Hashtli’shnii person. Every person is being given with a protector. Kiyaa’aani person is being given with a bear, Hona’gha’ahnii person is being given with mountain lion; To’di’ch’ii’nii person is being given with bull snake. The last one is the Hastl’ishnii is being given with porcupine.

Afterwards, she went back home safely along protectors and friends. This is how the Navajo clans started. They have grown into many various Navajo clans that they even recognized until the present time!

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