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Navajo Rain Dance

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Navajo Rain Dance
Have you heard about the history of the Native Americans? Then, you may be familiar with the Navajo rain dance. This is mainly popular among the tribes in Native America. This is because during the summer season, there is a long period of drought.

The drought may pose for serious problems among the natives. The rain is mainly essential in the growth and survival of the food crops. Actually, the Navajo rain dance takes place during the driest month of the whole year. This is when the dance is being performed in the middle to late month of August every year.

Who Does The Rain Dance?

Both women and men are performing this rain dance as compared to tribal rituals wherein men are only allowed to dance. They also wore special costumes when they need to perform the rain dance. The costumes are also being used for the particular ceremony each year. The women usually wore their own hair in tribal wrap while men wore their long hair. In addition, Indian men are wearing for a mask with its turquoise strip. It stretches from one ear to another and from corner to corner of the face. The bottom part has its band of yellow, red, and blue rectangles.

The masks of women are the same with those of men. However, there are no rectangles at the bottom part. The masks of women include goat hair on top while the eagle’s feather hangs above the face. The bodies of men are painted on according to the tribal standards. They also wore special beads while fox is being hung behind them. They also have their white apron cloth and silver bracelet.

How They Dress

Apart from it, they are also dressed up in their turquoise moccasins. They also wore their black dress while there is not even a single part of their body that is being shown. Only their feet are being seen. They also wore for their bright shawl that has one white and one black shawl. Then, they also lined up in performing the Navajo rain dance. They will be performing the dance in the hopes of bringing more rain. At the southwest, there are lots of reservations that are performing for this ritual dance.

At the present, the Navajos are still performing this ritual. It can still be seen on the many reservations in the U.S. As mentioned, they are gathered and used clothing, turquoise and other special significance. As per the steps, they may include circle dances and intricate dances that are seen in the many ceremonies.

The Rain Dance

In dancing the Navajo rain dance, they stood in somehow separate lines. They are also doing zigzagging patterns. Although men are greatly involved in the ritual, still women are able to participate in it. They can mainly perform the dance to the whole community. This is meant in bringing rain throughout the year for a particular season.

Actually, this is common among the tribes in the Native America. The pueblos also have their intricate dance. The rain dance is being performed and passed down on the oral tradition. Even at the present time, this is being kept alive.

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