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Navajo Spindle

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Navajo spindle is truly an example of the supported spindle. This is being used by Pueblo Indian and Navajo nations. This spinner is sitting on a chair or floor while the underneath area of the shaft is resting in the ground. The thigh, its topmost part and spindle are rolled up. As the yarn reached the length of the arm, it is being stored and wound in the shaft on top of the whorl. The spindle is used on the carpet that sitting on the small bowl can prevent it from sliding.

Actually, Navajo spindle is traditionally designed for the thigh spinning. There is just a need to provide for the Churro sheep to easily weave the blankets at the soonest possible time. At the present time, there is the best Navajo spindle that provides for beautiful finish and wood spin. There is also the most convenient spindle to use in spinning.

The History

Dating back in the history, Navajo spindle is also assumed as drop spindle. It was further developed from the old device called as the hand spindle. This first spinning was done by the person who rolls the fiber with his or her leg. This fiber is attached on the stick in order to roll the part of the fiber. Then, the thread is winded up and another section is started.
Although there is no idea where it was created, evidence has shown that Navajo spindle is being used in spinning fiber in five thousand BCE. Throughout the history, it is one of the archaeological finds, stories and art. Even the Egyptians are using this drop spindle in making linen.

In understanding Navajo spindle, this is being divided into two different types. The first one is considered as the supported spindle. The end most part is being supported by an object, such as a cup or a ground. The latter type is known as the suspended spindle, or better known as the drop spindle that is being supported by the spinning thread.

Categories of Spindles

In looking at the Navajo spindle, it is mainly categorized into three various classes: center whorl, bottom whorl and top whorl. The top whorl is considered to be the fastest. However, it mainly requires great concentration. This is because of the gravity that is being moved on above the spindle.

On the other hand, the center whorl is the most unusual type of Navajo spindle. As per the bottom whorl, the style is situated at the bottom part. This also helps in giving you a lower gravity that leads to stable spindle. This is being used in producing for thicker thread. The underneath part is spinning slower as compared to the topmost part.

At the present time, there are many Navajo spindles to find in the market. They are an aid in making a comfortable spinning. They weigh differently that the best one should be chosen that suits you.
Also, Navajo spindle is a relatively heavy and large spindle that is being used by the Native people in the southwestern part of the United States.

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