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History of the Navajo Indian Reservation

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The Navajo reservation is referred to the ancestral territory that is still occupied by a Native American nation. This land will usually be filled with lots of nature and animals. The Navajo area or reservation is a very sacred place. Overtime the reservations had had slowly shrunk. Now there are only about 310 reservations left.

Aside from what has been told, this land was not given to the Navajo. Instead, the land that no longer belongs to them was given to the United States through treaties. In a sense the Navajo do not technically own their own land due to the fact that the lands are held in trust for tribes by the federal government. This unfortunately means that the tribes technically do not own title to their own lands, but the trust relationship between tribes and the U.S. dictates their reservation.

Though they do not own it themselves, they have taken good care of their reservation. Unlike many places a person may be used to there are lots of nature and animals. Much like a replica of the wilderness, their reservation is also full of “fresh air”. Not exactly as the wilderness but in many aspects of nature and freedom it does resemble it quite a bit.

It is located on the borders of four states which are Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Meaning in this area it is also very much dessert like. It is also a beautiful landmark. The mountains are a sight for sore eyes. The land that they call home is very peaceful and looks almost as if the clouds form perfectly around the wondrous mountains. Many can only dream of having a place like that to call home.

Many believe that they are not using their land properly since there aren’t any malls and high rise condos. This just builds more chaos to the calm people of Navajo. They enjoy the simple things in life and with that they grow. Nature is their best friend so to speak and it shows in their reservation.

The Navajo reservation does not have many roads but they have enough to get them to where they need to go. Along with that the Navajo Nation is very much like a tourist attraction due to their mountains and their cultures alone. Many people would like to experience for one day, what the Navajo people experience every day in their little land they call home.

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