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8 Deciduous Forest Facts for Kids

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For many kids, it is routine for biomes to be discussed at some point during their science curriculum. Whether this is early in their academic education, or later during their high school education, chances are these kids will learn of some really cool and interesting biomes. Among these awesome biomes is one biome that is not necessarily overlooked, but more is it underated and sometimes underappreciated.

While most love biomes like wide deserts and beautiful rain forests, the deciduous forest biome has some cool features itself. While some may only think the deciduous forest is made up of large and clustered trees, there’s so much more when you give the deciduous forest a chance.

The Awesomeness Of The Deciduous Forest

1. The deciduous forest biome makes up the Eastern half of the North America, as well as parts of South America, New Zealand, and the Southern tip of Australia.

2. Deciduous forests are recognized by not only the vegetation that grows there, but also of its unique four seasons, which are completely distinct. This is different compared to other biomes while they may share the same seasons names, the season’s separations aren’t always as clear.

3. Since “Deciduous” means “to change color in autumn, and fall in the winter” this is compared to the phenomenon that the trees of this forest experience in the seasons.

4. Since the temperatures can sometimes reach freezing temperatures, especially in later winter months, (brrrrrrr!), plants thriving in this biome are forced to adapt to the changing temperatures.

5. When it is freezing temperatures outside, plants usually use sugar solutions to prevent water freezing during winter months.

6. Plants aren’t the only adapters of their environments, however, as animals have learned to trek greater migration distances, store more food, as well as figure out a successful hibernation regiment. This is all in part due to their adaptations they own so they can survive in the sometimes harsh deciduous forest.

7. Deciduous forests are most prominent in fall months, as the tree’s leaves change colors, sometimes to exotic and bright colors like red, orange, and yellow. This makes for not only beautiful scenery, but also interesting properties that are unique to this biome.

8.Deciduous forests, while beautiful, are not protected and respected by everyone. A big occurrence in deciduous forests is illegal poaching of hunters in which black market trades are made as a result.

Luckily for those who love this biome, their are several conservation’s and protection efforts in place to preserve this wonderful and gorgeous biome.

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