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7 Giant Squid Facts for Kids

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Throughout the vast and deep ocean are many interesting and bizarre aquatic life. From boneless fishes, to multicolored snakes and “Mimic” Octopuses, there are many unique organisms that one would find when they choose to study the ocean and its occupants. While certainly not all aquatic life has been discovered, we know less about our oceans than we do space. There are few organisms that can match the reputation that the giant squid has introduced to the public. The “gentle giant” as nicknamed by some scientists, the giant squid is one of the coolest, as well as little known organisms that is found in the deep blue sea.

What’s So Cool About The Giant Squid?

While the giant squid has made some sort of reputation, which is usually related to its size and strength, there are some facts that should be cleared up about the creature.

1. Scientists are still trying to learn all about the creature’s habitat, hunting patterns, as well as regular day to day activities.

2. The giant squid’s location in the sea has made it supremely difficult to learn about the elusive creature. They are usually found to be several thousands of feet below sea level.

3. Scientists aren’t necessarily sure if this is their natural habitat, as the cousin to the giant squid, which is called the colossal squid (even bigger than the giant squid), has yet to be identified in its natural habitat.

4. Iy is believed that the eye of a giant squid is as big as an adult’s face. Thats huge. This means the giant squid has the largest eyes of the animal kingdom, with the average diameter and length to be about 10 inches.

5. These amazing sea creatures are also able to regenerate their tentacles.

6. In the unfortunate case where tentacles may be lost to predation attacks, boating accidents, or other causes, these tentacles are able to be regenerated over time.

7. Giant squids, while not the largest of the squid school, has been recorded to reach as big as 33 feet also, which is about the same size of a small bus.

Until scientists are able to study more of the slick creature’s habits and behaviors, we won’t fully know the awesomeness that the giant squid has for its name.

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