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10 Crayfish Facts for Kids

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Within the vast and deep ocean, their are several types of organisms and species that are common to us, as well as some that are unknown and even undiscovered. While scientists know more about space than they do about the ocean, as their are some areas of the ocean that are being discovered, we do know more know than we ever have before.

While their is substantial life in oceans, oceans do not make up the only bodies of water, and in some cases, the species in freshwater bodies are cooler and more awe inspiring than saltwater species. Crayfish, while they may not seem like anything special to the average person, actually have very special and somewhat unique characteristics that make them awesome to learn about.

What Makes Crayfish Awesome?

1. Crayfish can sometimes be hard to identify, as they are very closely related both in make up and look to lobsters and somewhat of crabs. They are crustaceans, meaning they do belong to the same family as lobster and crabs, as well as shrimp.

2. While crayfish can be very tasty and easy to catch, they can pinch very hard, as is the same with crabs and lobsters.

3. Crayfish are typically omnivores (eat both plants and animals), but they do sometimes scavenge recently dead fish, as crayfish usually like their food fresh.

4. Crayfish appear in many different colors, with red crayfish usually being the most common. Other colors that crayfish might have are yellow, pink, blue, and sandy brown, so they are a very colorful species.

5. Crayfish are plentiful, as there is at least 200 different species of crayfish found in North America alone, so that makes for a lot of meals for crayfish consumers.

6. These creatures are not limited to North America. However, as most crayfish are found all over parts of the globe, with the only exceptions being continents Antarctica and Africa.

7. These fish are sometimes referred to as crawfish. While some may think these are two different species; crawfish is just a nickname for the crustacean.

8. Crayfish are sometimes referred to as the “sloths of freshwater” as they usually don’t put much effort in looking for food. Instead they choose to bask in the always warm sandy, shallow shores that make up their primary habitats.

9. Among the species of crayfish are some very unique groups, like the Dwarf Crayfish that only reaches to about 1.5- 2 inches once adulthood is reached.

10.Another interesting member of the crayfish species is the Southern Cave Crayfish, a crayfish that is completely blind and has no color marking its body.

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