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13 Colosseum Facts for Kids

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The Colosseum is the world’s most famous amphitheater, located in the heart of Rome, Italy. The structure is mainly built out of concrete and stone, producing one of the most famous pieces of Roman architecture and engineering in all of human history. Construction first started in 70 AD and completed by 80 AD.

Today, the Colosseum is a hallmark of Rome’s rich history. It currently stands partially ruined, but has been restored over the years. Tourists from all around the world come to Rome just to see the Colosseum in Rome’s heart.

Colosseum Facts for Kids ~ All About The Colosseum

1. The name Colosseum came from the Latin word ‘colosseus,’ which means colossal. It also referenced the giant status of Roman Emperor Nero, which had previously resided somewhere near the Colosseum’s site.

2. The Colosseum also goes by other names: Coliseum, another spelling of Colosseum, and the Flavian Amphitheater. When it was first built, it was originally named Flavian Amphitheater to commemorate the Flavian Emperor dynasty.

3. The structure was built for various reasons: for entertainment in stone amphitheater, to showcase the latest Roman engineering techniques to the rest of the world and as a gift to the citizens of Rome.

4. The Colosseum arena measured 180 feet wide and 287 feet long. It was also covered in 15 centimeters of sand.

5. Various entrances and exits were located throughout the arena: the Porta Sanavivaria, the Porta Libitina and the Porta Triumphalis. At least 76 different entrances were at the Colosseum.

6. The Colosseum had four floors; the first three stories had high, arched entryways that had Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns.

7. The entirety of the amphitheater covered as much as 6 acres of land. The structure’s outer circumference measures 1,788 feet. It also stands 187 feet high, 615 feet long and 510 feet wide.

8. The Hypogeum resided underneath the Colosseum. It was a two-level subterranean network where animals were transported and housed. About 80 vertical shafts were kept there to allow those underneath better access to the arena.


9. Over 20 different types of gladiators fought at the Colosseum.

10. The Colosseum was used for different types of entertainment events. Many of the most popular events included wild animal displays, mock sea battles, theatrical entertainment, gladiator fights and re-enactments of famous Roman victories.

11. Tickets for Colosseum shows were distributed for events. Each were marked with a seat, tier and entrance number for attendees.

12. The Colosseum’s inaugural games lasted for more than 100 days.

13. The Colosseum is estimated to have held as much as 80,000 spectators during early Roman times.

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