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6 Betsy Ross Facts For Kids

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Betsy Ross is known for being one of the inspiring women of the revolutionary war. She is credited with making the symbol for the United States of America. The flag is something that represents freedom and country, which still inspires and unites people even today. However, there is so much more to Betsy Ross’s story than simply being the woman who made the flag.

Here are a few of the most interesting Betsy Ross facts:

Where Did She Make the Flag?

1. Most people know that Betsy Ross is the original maker of the flag, but few know the entire history. She actually made the flag in what is known as the Betsy Ross house, which is where she was renting at the time that she was commissioned by George Washington and George Ross to make the first American flag.

2. She had an upholstery shop at the front of the home and lived in the back. Today, the Betsy Ross home has been refinished and is furnished for the more than 250,000 visitors that come each year to view this historic landmark.

How Many Husbands Died in the War.

3. You might not know this, but Betsy Ross actually had two different husbands that dies in the war. Her first husband John Ross was killed while guarding ammunition in 1776.

4. In 1777, Betsy Ross remarried and wed Captain Ashburn. Ashburn was captured by a British ship and later died in the famous Old Mill Prison when Betsy was just 30 years old.

5. Betsy later married for a third time to John Claypool who was actually imprisoned with her second husband at the time of his death. He came to deliver the news and they sparked a friendship that led to marriage.

Controversy Surrounding the Flag

6. Even though the story of Betsy Ross and her patriotism is inspiring, not everyone agrees about the details behind the construction of the American flag. The only evidence of the story that Betsy Ross was approached by George Washington to make the flag are several of her family members. There is no written record or documentation to prove that Betsy Ross was commissioned to make the flag. This leaves many historians to question the validity of this story. There is some skepticism, but many do still believe that Betsy Ross made the first American flag. The questions surrounding this topic might never quite be answered.

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