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4 Barn Owl Facts For Kids

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The largest species of owl and one of the largest species of birds altogether is the barn owl. This type of owl has an appearance that is very recognizable and has many characteristics that make it unique. Why not take a closer look at what makes the barn owl so much different?

Here are some of the most interesting Barn Owl facts:

1. What Does it look Like?

The barn owl is pale in color with long wings and a rather short tail. The tail of a barn owl is almost the shape of a square, which makes it very noticeable. They have ears that are placed asymmetrically, which allows them to have better hearing. They can distinguish distance and do not have to be reliant on sight in order to hunt prey. With a wingspan of up to 100 cm, they can cover long distances quickly. In most barn owls their face is heart shaped and bright white, but in some subspecies the bright white is more brown in color.

2. More Than One Name

This species of owl is widely seen, but it goes by more than just one common name. It is often referred to as the barn owl, but it is also called the white owl, silver owl, ghost owl, death owl, night owl, golden owl, hissing owl or even screech owl.

3. Why Does The Barn Owl Look So Different?

The unique appearance of the barn owl can also be attributed to the dark eyes that they have. Since this type of owl has such a different shaped face, the distinct dark eyes only add to give it a startling appearance. It also has a ridge of feathers above the bill, which often get mistaken for a nose. You can really notice the shape of the tail when the barn owl is mid-flight.

4. How Does the Barn Owl Hunt and Nest?

The barn owl hunts by flying low to the ground. This allows it to get close to its prey. It even has the ability to hover over certain spots that might be concealing its prey. When barn owls nest with six young, they have the ability to consume over 1,000 mice in just a 3 month nesting period. Barn owls nest anywhere from tree stumps or cliff crevices to attics, chimneys or even vacant buildings. Wherever they can find shelter becomes their nest.

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