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6 Boa Constrictor Facts For Kids

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If you ask people to name their biggest fears, chances are snakes will top many lists. The boa constrictor is one of the most powerful and intimidating snakes in the world. It is incredibly large and is comparable in size to the anaconda or python. Even though boa constrictors are not poisonous, they are still very deadly.

Here are some of the most interesting boa constrictor facts that you should know about:

1. What Do They Eat?

Boa constrictors eat a variety of things from pigs and monkeys to birds and lizards. They have been known to eat frogs, birds, deer and even other small mammals. They like to hunt for their prey in the dark due to their sensitive five scales, which allow them to determine the location of the prey.

2. Where Do They Live?

Boa constrictors live primarily in a more tropical environment. They like warm temperatures and live in habitats that are hot. They normally live within trees or on the ground in these types of tropical environments.

3. Baby Boas Are born With Instincts

Baby boas grow within the stomachs of female boa constrictors and are able to fend for themselves right away. After birth, they already instinctually know how to hunt and take care of themselves against predators.

4. Different Colors

Many people believe that boa constrictors have very beautiful skin. Their skin comes in many different colors and it is highly sought after. there are some that hunt boa constrictors for their skin alone.

5. Weight and Lifespan

Boa constrictors are so dangerous because they are one of the largest types of snakes in existence. They can weigh anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds. They have a relatively long lifespan when compared to other animals and can live for 20 to 30 years. In some parts of the world boa constrictors actually live within homes to keep vermin away. This is very popular practice in South America.

6. Can They Kill?

Boa constrictors are known or having jaws with hooked teeth. Their teeth are extremely powerful and are used to hunt prey, but they can be deadly to people. This animal is lethal and should be left alone at all costs by humans if it is seen in the wild. Boa constrictors will often not attack you and will leave you alone if they are not provoked. However, if you startle or attack them, boa constrictors will be on the defensive and can do damage.

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