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4 Wolf Spider Facts for Kids

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Spiders are a creature that can be pretty intimidating and elicit fear. This is especially true for young children. The only way to be fully prepared and safe is to know facts about the different species of spiders. Having the ability to correctly identify spiders is an important skill for many young children to have. When it comes to wolf spiders, you need to know what they look like if you ever encounter one and how to deal with a wolf spider bite.

1. What Do Wolf Spiders Look like?

Wolf spiders have a fairly unique appearance. They are typically brown in color and have thick hair that fills their legs and bodies. Wolf spiders are often mistaken for tarantulas, because they look very similar in appearance. Most wolf spiders are large in size and can even be as big as 4 inches. You will often see wolf spiders on their own, because they do not hunt in groups. Their eyesight is what allows them to hunt and they have eight eyes that enable them to see very well.

2. How Do Wolf Spiders Hunt?

Wolf spiders are different from other types of spiders due to the fact that they do not use webs to catch their prey. They actually hunt their prey instead of waiting to catch it. This might seem like a huge difference and is what makes wolf spiders so unique. They hunt very effectively and ambush their prey. The prey that they are after the most are crickets. However, most wolf spiders are not picky and will also eat beetles or cockroaches. If you see a lot of spider webs around your home, chances are wolf spiders are not your problem.

3. Wolf Spider Bites

It is extremely important that you are able to identify a wolf spider bite. Wolf spiders are venomous and this type of bite requires immediate attention. If you are bitten by a wolf spider your skin will swell and become itchy or painful. These bites take days to heal and you should seek medical attention right away if bitten.

4. Wolf Spider Habitat

It is possible to find wolf spiders all over the United States. In act, there are about 120 known species living in the United States right now. The parts of the country where you will have the best chance to find wolf spiders are in Texas and California.

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