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4 Ulysses S Grant Facts for Kids

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There are some figures in US history that are more prominent than others and Ulysses S. Grant is one of these men. He is most known for his service during the American Civil War as the lead general for the Union Troops. It was his status as a war hero that propelled him to one day becoming president of the United States.

1. How Did He Begin?

Grant had a somewhat typical upbringing during the time of his childhood and was born the son of a tanner. His father encouraged him to join the US Military Academy as West Point. He didn’t actually have much interest in becoming a soldier at first, but over time he became dedicated. He graduated from West Point and served during the Mexican War, but reentered the military during the Civil War and moved up the ranks quickly.

2. Civil War Legacy

Ulysses S. Grant was known for telling Confederate leaders that under no terms would the Union surrender. It was Grant’s victory at Donelson that was the first major victory for the Union during the Civil War. Grant was the one who fought to restore the Union after the war and granted the Confederate army generous terms for surrender. His legacy was then cemented as a famous war hero.

3. Presidency

Due to his popularity and recognition as a famous war hero, Ulysses S. Grant won the 1868 presidential election with ease. He served two terms as president and even ran for a third term, but he did not win that election. His presidency was known for many scandals as many of his administration were found to be crooks that stole money during his presidency from the government. It was even during his presidency that financial situation became so grave and speculative that the stock market crashed. During this time period many people lost their jobs and their life’s worth.

Even though his presidency was marred by some scandals he did make some positive contributions during his tenure as president. He was a supporter of civil rights and fought for equality for both African Americans and Native Americans. Grant created the Department of Justice by signing a bill into law and helped to negotiate the Treaty of Washington.

4. His Legacy Remembered

Grant is primarily remembered through history for his contribution to the Civil War and his legacy as a war hero.

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