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4 Amazon Rainforest Facts For Kids

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Tropical forests are simply forests that are located in specific climates with tropical temperatures and increased rainfall. There are a number of tropical forests located throughout the world, but they are slowly diminishing. At one time, tropical forests accounted for about 14% of the earth’s surface, but now only 6% of the earth’s surface is covered by tropical rainforests. Even though tropical rainforests are in danger, the Amazon Rainforest is still going strong in spite of recent droughts.

Largest Tropical Rainforest in Existence

1. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the entire world. It is so large that it not only covers more than a half million kilometers, but it also is located in Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Columbia, Guyana, Bolivia and Suriname. More than half of the Amazon is located in Brazil, so this location is home to the majority of this tropical rainforest.

What Species Live in the Amazon Rainforest?

2. By taking a closer look at the Amazon, you can see how much life really relies on this habitat for survival. Look at it this way, about 10% of the known species in the world live in the Amazon Rainforest. A large percentage of bird species live in the Amazon with nearly 20% of the entire bird population dwelling in this tropical climate. More than 2 million insects and thousands of different plant species can be found in this tropical rainforest.

Is It Dangerous?

3. The Amazon can be an incredibly dangerous forest due to the number of dangerous species that call this place home. You can find cougars, anacondas and even jaguars living in the Amazon.

Is It Protected?

4. One of the main issues involving the Amazon is the deforestation rates. In recent years, the protection of the Amazon has become a big issue and this has led to deforestation rates declining and conserved land increasing. However, droughts in the early 200’s and later in 2010 killed a high number of vegetation in the Amazon. Climate change is a major concern as some speculate that an increase in temperature could lead to the destruction of nearly 75% of the Amazon rainforest. The full outcome of what climate change can bring to the Amazon is not completely known, but many activists are working to try and protect this habitat and the many species that reside here.

These are just some of the most interesting Amazon facts.

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