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5 Isaac Newton Facts For Kids

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When you think about some of the most brilliant minds to ever exist, Isaac Newton is one of the individuals that climbs to the top of your list. He Revolutionized science as we know it today and was greatly inspired by modern thinkers. Newton made a number of contributions to science in the form of ideas, theories and methods that are still used today.

Here is a closer look about some of the most interesting Isaac Newton facts:

When Did He Live?

1. Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642. Even though he was born long before much was understood about modern science, he still had the brilliance and ability to make a number of meaningful contributions. He specialized in science, mathematics, physics, astronomy and even theology. He was a devout Christian that held firm to his beliefs. He received his education at the prestigious trinity college.

Interest in Astronomy

2. It was during his time in college that Newton developed a fondness and interest in astronomy. He studied the theories of Kepler, Galileo and Copernicus. Instead of focusing on the actual curriculum taught in his college courses, he focused on the concepts that these astronomers taught. Many of the college teachings surrounded around the beliefs of Aristotle, but Newton did not follow what he was taught in College.

Generalized Binomial Theory

3. The Generalized Binomial Theorem was developed by Newton in 1665. It took him two years after graduation to come up with his theories on gravitation and calculus that make up the Binomial theorem.

Mathematical Achievements

3. Isaac Newton was not just known to for his contributions to science, but also for his mathematic findings. He developed the infinitesimal calculus. This is a great finding and was also a topic of dispute for Newton with Gottfried Leibniz. Leibniz was a mathematician that had differing opinions than Newton and they regularly battled over theories.

The Newtonian Telescope

4. His love for astronomy even led Newton to develop his own type of reflecting telescope. This was first developed in 1668 and was the first of its kind. This type of telescope is still even used to this day by those just discovering astronomy.

Religious Thinker and Writer

5. You might not believe it, but Newton actually wrote more on the topic of religion than he did about mathematics, astronomy or even physics. He even studied the Bible to find scientific information.

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