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Where Did The Navajo Indians Live

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Navajo Indians are the largest tribe of Native Americans and have been in existence since the 1500’s. The name for this tribe is derived from Spanish and is connected to the Pueblo Indian word for “planted fields.” The name for the Navajo Indians was originally given to them by the Pueblo Indians, because the Navajos were known for farming the land.

Where Do the Navajos Live?

Navajo Indians lived in the areas that are now known as Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and California. This is considered to be the Four Corners region and there are many Navajo Indians that are still living in this area today on reservations.

What Are Navajo Reservations?

Navajo Reservations are the land that is under the control of the Navajo Indians. This means that Navajo Indians still have their own government, rules and restrictions. These reservations can be found in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and California. Even though they have their own government, Navajo Indians are still considered to be US citizens and do have to obey all American laws. In past Navajo Indians were led by chiefs, but now they are led by councils and there are Navajo council members that are elected.

What Language Do The Navajo Indians Speak?

Most of the Navajo Indians that are living today speak English, but there are still many Navajos that speak their native language. The amount of Navajos that speak their native language has grown to about 150,000. The Navajo language is difficult to learn and the sounds are not natural for most English speakers.

What Were Navajo Homes Like in the Past?

Since the Navajo Indians lived in the Four Corners region, their homes were known as earth houses. This means that they were made using wood that was packed using clay. The shape of most Navajo homes was a dome structure and the door often faced the east. When the winds would become stronger or the weather would turn severe, the Navajo people would seek shelter inside their homes. Most of the Navajos living today actually reside in modern homes or even apartment buildings.

What Are Navajo Legends?

Since the Navajo Indians have their own culture, it is natural for them to have their own legend and folklore. Many Navajo legends were passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth, but many of these legends are known outside of Navajo culture.

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