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Navajo Legends

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The Navajo Indians are the largest tribe of Native Americans and they originated in the 1500’s. There are many aspects of Navajo history and culture that are fascinating, but none are more prominent than Navajo legends. There are many different types of Native American folklore and legend depending on the tribe that you are examining, but Navajo legend is known for being the most interesting and the most deeply rooted. There are numerous Navajo legends that include stories centered on creatures including coyotes and skinwalkers. Understanding Navajo legend involves taking a closer look at this culture.

Passed From One Generation to the Next

Navajo legends were primarily passed on through word of mouth. From one generation to the next, these myths and stories were repeatedly told and believed. There are even many Navajo legends that never made their way out of the tribe. Some of the most popular Navajo legends are widely known, but there are a few that are kept secret and only passed on within the tribe. One way that the Navajo legends have been kept alive is through art. Navajo jewelry and artifacts often show depictions of Navajo legends and look visually appealing, while carrying a deeper meaning.

Speaking of Skinwalkers

There are some aspects of Navajo legend that are regarded as off limits. Within Navajo tribes, talking of skinwalkers was not commonplace. These mystical creatures were a part of Navajo legend and were believed to do evil deeds when the sun went down and live among the people. Even though skinwalkers were a big part of Navajo legend, they were not something that was talked about often.

Beautiful and Inspiring Navajo Legends

Even though some Navajo legends were dark, there are many beautiful Navajo legends that are still popular today. The Navajo legend regarding the creation of the earth involves the relationship between the spiritual realm and the living world. Even though these legends were started within the tribe, many of the more beautiful Navajo legends have been revealed to the world and are popularized.

Legends Without Written Record

Many of the most popular Navajo legends were not written or recorded. They were merely spoken by word and passed on by tribal leaders. Many of the most popular Navajo legends even originated before language was ever put to paper. As you can see, Navajo legends are deeply rooted in the culture of this Native American tribe.

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