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The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Blowouts

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The Brazilian Blowout treatment is an intensely popular new type of hair treatment that doesn’t use harsh chemicals to alter the natural state of the hair. Instead it relaxes the hair by using a liquid keratin and preservative solution to seal moisture out of the hair, and eliminating frizz. Ever since celebrities like Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan began using and endorsing this hair treatment, it has become the new thing for hair. If you are thinking about getting your first Brazilian Blowout or just simply want to understand more about it, it is best to understand both the pros and cons.

The Pros of Brazilian Blowouts

1. More Manageable Hair
Many women have problems with their hair, whether it’s frizzy or curly or just plain unruly, the Brazilian blowout can make it very easy to manage. It straightens and de-frizzes it for 12 full weeks.

2. Very Quick Process
From start to finish the entire process of getting a Brazilian blowout at a salon only takes 90 minutes. This is much faster compared to other hair treatments, like coloring or highlighting.

3. Long Lasting
The results from this hair treatment lasts up to 12 weeks, that is 3 full months! This is a long time, especially for a relaxing treatment that gives you straight and silky hair!

4. All Hair Types Benefit
One of the greatest things about the Brazilian blowout is that any hair type can use it. Straight, curly, oily, or treated hair can all reap the amazing benefits of this hair treatment.

5. Doesn’t Damage Hair
The solutions that are used in the Brazilian blowout treatment are very gentle on the hair and cause no damage. This is because the pH range is the same as normal hair itself.

The Cons of Brazilian Blowouts

1. Tedious Process
While the length of time it takes is relatively long, the process is pain staking. After the solution is put into the hair it must be very thoroughly and meticulously blow dried. The process leaves you and the stylist very tired.

2. Very Expensive
Cheap is one word that is not used to describe Brazilian blowouts. The exact cost depends, of course, on where you go and the length of your hair, but on average you can expect to pay around 250 dollars for this treatment.

3. Possible Risks
Formaldehyde is the main chemical that is used in the treatment, is the same chemical used to embalm dead bodies. It is very strong and used to straighten the hair. If the stylists is not experienced chemical burns can happen.

Important Facts About Brazilian Blowouts

  • Researching the stylists AND salon is the key to having a good experience.
  • Many celebrities swear by this treatment, including: Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller, and Ashley Tisdale.
  • Knowing and understanding your hair type is very important when you go to get a Brazilian blowout.
  • The chemical formaldehyde has been known to have cancer causing properties.
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