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10 Women In Combat Pros and Cons

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We have come a long way in the United States when it comes to equal rights for men and women, but in the military it is a different story. Females are allowed to join any branch of the military that they’d like, but how far they can go and the roles they can play are limited. As of today, women are not allowed to enter into combat positions, which is causing some heated arguments. People who are against women in combat firmly believe that is a risk and an unnecessary distraction to the mission that is at hand, while supporters say that women can serve a vital role and help to aid in the same ways that men can. In order to truly understand why this argument is at such a standstill, you must understand both the pros and cons.

Pros of Women In Combat

1. Increases Effectiveness
Since no women are allowed to take combat positions, it prevents commanders and other leaders from picking the person who actually best fit for the job that needs to be done.

2. Advancements In Careers
It is fairly normal for active combat duty to be required in order to advance in most careers in the military. This is viewed as very unfair for any woman who wants to move up the military ladder.

3. Cultural Issues
In many circumstances, the need for women involvement is necessary. This is true for sensitive jobs that require personal skills that many male soldiers lack.

4. Gender Capability
It has been made clear in recent years that women are extremely capable of doing anything that a man is able to do, this includes fighting and protecting our country. Allowing women to fight in combat roles would provide a well rounded and more diverse fighting force.

5. Equality To Pursue Passion
Some women want to protect our country as much as they can. Just as it is some men’s dream to fight in combat, some women share the same exact dream. They should not be denied their desire to pursue this passion just because of their gender.

Cons of Women In Combat

1. Lower Standards
The standards set by the military to join are completely different for men and women. The standards set for men are much higher and more strict than those set for women. While they may be capable, there is no way that a women could be as physically able as men of the same positions.

2. Ethical Problems
Placing women in areas that are majority male could put them at risk for sexual assault and harassment. Especially in combat areas. This would raise an entirely new world of problems in an unnecessary environment.

3. A Likely Target
Many of the combat zones that the United States military is deployed in are misogynistic societies that do not respect or fear women. This makes women soldiers at a much higher risk of being captured, tortured, raped, or killed.

4. Swayed Focus
Men instinctively want to protect women. Placing them in areas of high risk and danger could cause these men to become unfocused from goal of their mission in order to protect the women.

5. Relationships Forming
It is not secret that when you place young men and women together, especially in the intimate conditions of war zones, relationships will form. This can make life very uncomfortable for people interacting and dealing with couples that have formed in their groups.

Important Facts About Women In Combat

  • During the Civil War, women on both sides of the fight disguised themselves as men in order to serve in the battle.
  • Nearly 10 percent of the forces in the Middle East are female.
  • Women are not allowed to enter into 9 percent of military roles.
  • The issue is not about women in the military in general, but women in infantry.
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