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Navajo Warrior

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The Navajo warrior is a significant figure in Navajo culture, Navajo history, and certainly in Navajo traditions. Within the broad concept of the warrior in Navajo history and life, there are a variety of fascinating facts and notes to consider. Any true study of the Navajo is going to have to make room for the importance of the warrior. This is a concept within the Navajo people that spans back as far as the existence of the tribe itself.

The concept of the warrior is also something that has undergone significant changes through the centuries, decades, and years. This is owing to the natural passage of time, but influences from white culture have certainly played a part. However, in spite of any and all influences, the fact remains that the traditions and beliefs of the Navajo people have endured. These traditions and beliefs continue to play a meaningful part in the idea of the modern Navajo warrior.

Navajo Warrior Examples

There are numerous inspiring examples and other pieces of information that are associated with Navajo warriors. If you want to have a complete overview of Navajo history, then you will want to appreciate the fact that the following pieces of information are essential:

  • The word for warrior in the Navajo culture is naabaahii.
  • In the Navajo world, the warrior is someone who brings everything that defines them as a human being to the battle field. They will bring their mind, their body, and their spirit.
  • A warrior was considered to be a man or woman who fought an enemy or a disease.
  • A Navajo warrior is considered to be someone who quite frankly cannot be stopped. When others get the flu, they do not. When others cannot make it through a snow storm, they will find a way.
  • For those who were preparing to go into any kind of battle, it was not uncommon for the warrior or warriors to be blessed with the Blessing Way Ceremony. This is a ceremony that is still widely practiced to this day.
  • For those Navajo warriors who suffer mental or emotional scars in the course of their battle, the Enemy Way Ceremony is designed to repair those things. It is a ceremony that seeks to bring harmony back to the individual.
  • A legendary example of the Navajo warrior in Navajo lore is the story of the Navajo warrior twins.
  • A 20th century example of Navajo warriors would be the Navajo code talkers of World War 2.

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