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Navajo Jacket

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When it comes to the idea of the Navajo jacket, there is something you are definitely going to want to keep in mind: There are real examples of real Navajo jackets to be found out in the world. However, there are jackets that are inspired by Navajo art and Navajo design, but some would not consider these jackets to be true examples of Navajo jackets or even Navajo fashion. In the end, you will have to decide for yourself how to feel about the topic.

One thing is for certain. With the idea of the Navajo jacket, you are talking about something that provides a very clear example of creative Navajo fashion statements. In addition to these, Navajo jackets also offer a glimpse into these people utilize style. The best examples of these jackets provide a formidable marriage of both form and function.

Navajo Jackets

As mentioned before, there are really two different types of Navajo jackets. While it is certainly true that there are different styles, as well as Navajo jackets for men, Navajo jackets for women, and Navajo jackets for children, it is also true that you can really break down everything into two categories. There are jackets that could be considered genuine examples of the Navajo jacket. These are jackets that come from actual Navajo artisans. They are true examples of the spectacular craftsmanship that the Navajo people put into weaving and various handmade items. In terms of their styles, colors, patterns, and other elements, they offer a glimpse into the history of Navajo weaving and Navajo culture.

And then there are Navajo jackets that some do not consider to be true representations of the Navajo culture and the Navajo people. Furthermore, some do not believe they are true reflections of Navajo fashion. These are jackets that are very clearly influenced by Navajo culture, but they were not created by Navajo designers or weavers. The level of influence can vary from one jacket to the other. There are certain jackets that very clearly are designed to carry as much design influence from true examples of Navajo jackets as possible.

In a very general sense, combining both of the camps that have been covered, there are tons and tons of examples of the Navajo jacket out there. Some consider certain examples to be examples of cultural appropriation. Others do not believe this is the case. These jackets continue to be popular with a wide variety of cultures around the world.

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