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Navajo String Games

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The Navajo string games are the games that the Navajo play during the winter that enables the players to interact with one another on various levels of play. The games that you play will come in acts by the patterns that you do by changing the hand movements of the string. While some of the movements are simple, there are many that are more complicated and take patience to master.

Well Known Navajo String Games

If you are looking into the Navajo string games, you should know that each one of the acts or models play a different role in the performance. The one that is quite simple to learn and master is the butterfly. The tale is that of the powder that is found on the butterfly, the dust comes off from the butterfly and brings with it bad luck. It is said to be a bad omen when that fine dust appears on your food or water. The tale tells about how the butterfly is one of the first insects to use that fine powder for its evil purposes. The tale tells about the beauty of the butterfly while explaining of the evil it holds.

One of the other easier Navajo string games that is easily mastered is the Two Stars model. The beginning of it starts with the Navajo opening and then moves the index finger loop to form below and remove it. You will find that there are many star stories to be told. The star model plays a major role in the Navajo and their string games.

You will use a number of moves to develop the stories told by the Navajo and their people when trying to participate in string games. In the beginning when the Navajo told these stories, they used the spun wool as well as mohair in order to play these games. Today, the Navajo people use the store purchased cotton twine. The string games are made up of various weaving and braiding techniques as well as knot tying.

Purpose of String Games

The Navajo use the string games as a way to gain wisdom. They respect all that surrounds them as well as their individual self. The games are played during the Winter only due to this is when a spider is quiet or sleeping. They do not play them during the summer as well as the spring because the spider is a Holy being and therefore has to be respected.

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