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Navajo Squash Blossom

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Among the spectacular and well-designed jewelries of Navajo people, Navajo squash blossom is an exceptional one. This is a traditional necklace commonly worn on their neck by Navajo people. They primarily adapted it to the shape of a crescent-naja, a Spanish artwork. The earliest necklaces were made from silver and later on into turquoise. The name Navajo squash blossom originated from the name of their race and the type of language Navajo people are using.

High Quality Features of Navajo Squash Blossom

This Navajo squash blossom is considered to be an excellent jewelry which is widely recognized not only by the Navajo people, but also by some other people all over the world because of its high quality features. This is an antique type of necklace. Thus, more people are longing to have one of these necklaces as part of their accessories.

The Navajo squash blossom consists of plain beads with precious pendant in its naja form. The beads which are placed on the middle part of the necklace are large to arouse its attractiveness. The pendant defines the center of the necklace which is visually larger and heavier than the weight of the beads. The beads are primarily made from silver, making it more shiny and stunning. Half of the necklace is domed by means of hammering the silver in a wooden mold. Hammering is done through a smooth and very careful round punch in the center of the beads. Then, it would be buffed and careful polished before it would be strung.

The simple yet very creative strand of the beads found in the necklace suggests consistent rhythmic progression. The arrangement of the beads follows a variation that emphasizes that real culture and tradition of the Navajo people. The rhythmic progression that their Navajo squash blossom suggests has a similar structure with the rhythmic arrangement of their music. That is why, the same interest in terms of music and their necklace can be observed. The stability and harmony that can be found in their music can also be found in their necklace. This is evident in terms of the necklace variation, design and in its style.

The Navajo squash blossom that the Navajo people are really proud of doesn’t only serve as their jewelry or accessory. It also effectively and conveniently serves as a remarkable sign of a close interaction that happens between the Navajo people and the Pueblo during 1800′s. Thus, this particular necklace is continuously adopted by many people all over the world not just because of how it can enhanced their fashionable and unique style as of today, but it greatly manifest historical signs that needs to be remember.

The necklace is continuously facing great innovation since more people are incorporating this Navajo squash blossom to some events and gatherings. From its original style and design, there are some people who are enhancing it through adding ornaments and other beads that would make the necklace appear impressive and attractive to people’s eyes.

People can always make use of this necklace everywhere they go since it is considered to be a historical necklace that marks the life of Navajo people. Wearing this necklace is a sign that you are preserving their own culture and tradition as much as they do.

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