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Navajo Skinwalker

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The skinwalker has recently becoming popular subjects of books, magazines cable channels and even movies. That is why it is very important to have a fair knowledge regarding their origin. In the third quarter of 1996, a group of scientists visited a ranch to make a investigation on series of unexplainable phenomena such as poltergeist, paranormal, animal mutilations and unidentified flying objects, which happens during nighttime. One of the bizarre phenomena is the Navajo skinwalker. The path of the skinwalker is one of the strange or weird indications found during their research

Skinwalkers Explained

In the cultural and religious lore of the Southwestern tribes, skinwalkers are considered as witches who can have the ability to transform to a certain animal they wanted to become whether it is snake or wolf. Werewolf is one of the examples of skinwalkers which is very rampant in Hollywood movies and television show. The movie Howling (1980) is one of the perfect example of movies that may depict the creepy and frightening Navajo skinwalkers.

Various Tales

Tribes like Utes, Hopi and Navajo may have different versions of skinwalker stories or tales they all boils down to one point that an skinwalker is a malevolent witch that has the ability to alter into a bird, bear, coyote, wolf and other types of animal. They are called skinwalker because they might be wearing or hiding a skin of an animal they want to become. After the transformation, the skinwalker can successfully inherit the speed, cunning or strength of the animal.

According to Dong Hickman, an educator, the Navajo skinwalkers uses their mind to control other people to hurt or even kill themselves. They are a very controlling and powerful witch, wherein they can run like a bullet train and can jump from one cliff to another without difficulty. This is also the reason why it is still hard to conclude that they indeed true.

The Legend of Skinwalkers

For Navajo tribes, the legends of skinwalkers aren’t just mere tales. As a matter of fact, a Nevada attorney Micheal Stuhff is one of the lawyers in the American jurisprudence history to file a case against Navajo with. He usually represents Native American and he clearly understands the Indian law, which earned the respects of Native American clients for him.

Skinwalkers are purely evil. They will do everything just to hurt and kill other people. The skinwalker is possible to do terrible things. They are also necrophiliacs and graverobbers. They are also greedy and has the capacity to kill a sibling or some relative as part of their initiation as skinwalker. They can travel the supernatural way faster than any animal or bullet train.

Until this day, it is still hard to believe that Navajo have dark secrets that are still not unveiled to the present generation. The accounts of people who believed to seen these dark forces are somewhat a proof that skinwakers are real and not just a mere legend or myth. In conclusion, Navajo skinwalkers may or may not be real, but the unexplainable occurrences are somewhat suggest that they are real.

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