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Navajo Shoe Game

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Games are also part of the culture and tradition of the people. Old games manifest that people who live in the old era also played games that serve as for entertainment and past time activities. Even before online games and other modern games make a blast in the modern way of life, old native games are the first games that brought happiness to the old native tribe in the United States of America. Native tribes in United States of America are the people lived in the place a long time ago and even non there are still native tribes who still live in the place. The modernization brought changes to the lives of many native tribes in the USA. It brought changes but some native tribes able to preserve their rich culture and tradition. The Navajo native tribe is one of the native tribes who lived in USA.

The tribe of Navajo is one of the famous native tribes in the Southwestern United States. The tribe of Navajo is considered as the largest number of people who are acclaimed as native tribe in the different areas of United States of America. The estimated population of Navajo member is estimated more than 300,048. The native group of Navajo is using the independent governmental body in the United States of America. The tribe of Navajo manages the entire obligation for the Indian reservation in the different areas in USA. As of recent survey, it shows that Arizona is the state in United States of America where in many Navajo tribe members are staying.

It is estimated that there are almost more than 140,263 Navajo members who live in Arizona and there are also 108,306 Navajo members who live in New Mexico. One thing that makes the Navajo native tribe unique from other tribes is that Navajo people love to entertain themselves and socialize with other people. Navajo people usually socialize with other Navajo members through their famous shoe game.

The Shoe Game of the Navajo Tribe

Navajo people play Navajo Shoe Game especially during the winter season. The main goal of this game is to let Navajo people socialize with other people through playing games. The facilitator of this game will set two large boxes full of sand. The sand will cover the shoes and will leave the other part of the shoes accessible. They usually use the yucca ball and yucca branches and the carved yucca ball to play the shoe game of Navajo. The game will start by telling a story and showing some animals. Materials that Navajo people use to play the game are shoes, one coin, small ball and 20 tokens such as pieces of paper, sticks and coins.

How to Play the Navajo Shoe Game?

1. You must first divide the players into two teams. Two or more people may compose a team.

2. You can name one team ‘’night’’ and the other team ‘’day.”

3. Each team will try to take off one or more shoes from each member of the team.

4. You can identify which team will start hiding the ball in one of the shoe by flipping a coin. The members of other team need to cover their eyes and turn their backs so that they cannot see where the other team hides the ball.

5. The team needs to guess where the ball is hidden. When the team fails to guess correctly the location of the ball, the opponent will get a token.

6. The team that will get many token will be the winner of the Navajo Shoe game.

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