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Navajo Kachina Dolls History

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The culture, tradition and the custom of Navajo native tribe is rich. The Navajo Kachina Dolls are usually made from wood and other materials. According to history, the Navajo formulated Navajo Kachina for commercial purposes. The Navajo Kachina Doll is part of the arts and craft of the Navajo native tribe. Most of the native tribes located at Southwestern United States included the Navajo native tribe. The Kachina Dolls are part of the tradition and lives of Navajo tribe members.

Although the Navajo Kachina Dolls are part of the culture and tradition of the Navajo native tribe the Kachina has no spiritual significance or deeper meaning in the culture of the Navajo native tribe. Navajo Kachina Dolls making it is a craft that the Navajo tribe members learned to do as a way for some Navajo native tribe members and people earn for a living. Usually the Navajo dolls are females. A typical Navajo dolls have a long sleeved of blouse with collar and long skirt. Navajo people usually use turquoise jewelry to put accessories to the Navajo Kachina dolls. Navajo Kachina dolls usually carry a rug or blanket that represents women of Navajo and their work as weaver of cloth. Navajo people also use Navajo Kachina dolls to be able to let Navajo children understand the role of the Navajo native tribe.

It also serves as toys for many Navajo native tribe children. Makers of Navajo Kachina may use different of subject to create the design and the structure of Kachina dolls. Some researchers have found out that due to clear examination of Navajo Kachina dolls and tracing its history they discovered that Navajo Kachina dolls are not typically handcarved from cottonwood root just like the Hopi Katsinam. The body parts of a typical Navajo Kachina dolls are like made from the machine. Parts of the Kachina’s body are glued together and are totally handmade by many Navajo native tribe makers. The design and structure of a Navajo Kachina doll is uniquely painted and crafted by hands. Each Navajo Kachina dolls are unique to each other. Each Navajo Kachina dolls are alike in clothing or in feathers.

The History of Navajo Kachina Dolls

Native American tribes believe that Kachinas can bring their messages to the spirits. Navajo people started making Kachina dolls in the 20th century. Kachina doll making is part of the culture and tradition of the Navajo native tribe. Although unlike Hopi and other Kachinas, the Kachina dolls of Navajo do not have deeper connection to the beliefs of the Navajo people. 2, 000 years ago, native tribes including Navajo tribe used Kachinas to pray to the spirits for abundant harvest, good weather and good life. Each tribe may have their own design and structure of Kachina dolls.

Navajo Kachina dolls history starts with the Hopi native tribe people. Hopi people created first the Kachina dolls as a way so that they can easily teach children about Kachinas and eventually adopted by other native tribes in United Sates of America. Today, Navajo Kachina dolls are being sold and Kachina dolls productions are made specifically for selling purposes.

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