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Navajo Prayer

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The Navajo have for many years woke up in the morning and participated in Morning Prayer. The sun will break over the horizon and they rise from the beds to participate in a very special prayer in a special place in the home. Even though each prayer is offered at a special time each morning, the day is greeted in a very spiritual way. The Morning Prayer plays a special role in their lives of the Navajo. The Navajo share a bond with mother earth as much as their bond with their spirituality.

What Purpose Does Navajo Morning Prayer Serve?

The main purpose of the Morning Prayer for the Navajo is to make sure that the seeker or creator is aware of their existence and of their hearts. In their beliefs, the Navajo believe that they are capable of handling their day to day activities with the influence of the creator. The power in their prayer is what keeps them focused on their tasks. The power of the prayer is meant to keep you in the same place for today and for tomorrow.

Navajo Rituals

The Navajo will start their day off with a prayer to God for everything that has been given to them. While in the prayer stages, they ask for their creator to keep them safe and free from all negativity. While like the many other prayers where they asked for help from the creator, they also ask for the creator to help them to reach the objects that they want. They seek help from the creator to keep their life as a whole in the right place.

When the Navajo ask for help from their creator, they ask for what is best for them in their best interest and for what are good for their temperament. The Morning Prayer can consist of picking up their bible and maybe singing a Navajo song. The Navajo will feel a whole new feeling if the prayer is done right. The feeling they will share will be of exception and will keep them feeling quiet and calm in nature.

With the Navajo sharing this feeling of refreshment when they participate in Morning Prayer, the more we can learn from them about the creator or God, the more at peace we can all start to feel within ourselves. The peace that comes from sharing prayer in the morning as well as other times throughout the day is what helps to keep them safe and secure throughout their day to day activities.

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