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Navajo Nation Statistics

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There are different tribes that may be found in the United States that people need to be familiar with. Getting to know some of these tribes is very important since it is one way of showing your awareness in terms of their culture and tradition. One of the largest reservations of tribes that can be found in the United States is the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation is situated over a 27,000 square miles of large land within the vicinity of the state of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. It is considered to be the largest land that is primarily covered by the jurisdiction of the Native American within the territory of the United States. Navajo Nation is one of the largest and highly involved tribal governments having organic institutions. This includes judicial system and large social services agencies and institutions along with law enforcement agency. It is also a major warden of all public lands that is found in the Southwest region of the United States. Navajo Nation also encompasses major and spectacular natural sight in the place like the Shiprock, Monument Valley and even the Antelope Canyon.

Navajo nation statistics really manifest how progressive their tribe in the United States is. The total population of the Navajo people residing in their land is approximately 180,462 having a median age of 24 years old. The labor force in the places comprises 28% of their population which is a manifestation that only few numbers of people in the tribe are given the chance to work. Unemployment rate in the place ranges from 48% which signifies that more of the Navajo people are still unemployed due to inability to work because they are not equipped with the knowledge and abilities in any field of work.

For people who are working in households, their median income is approximately $20,005 only. Household works are the most common jobs of the Navajo people that allow them to earn little amount of money for their daily living. In terms of the poverty rate in Navajo people based from Navajo nation statistics, 43% of the people in their residency live in the poverty line. This just signifies that almost half of their population are not poor and can supply the needs of their family in terms of the food, shelter and clothing.

Navajo people’s education is not as excellent as educational attainment attained by other people since not all the people in their place are not given greater chance to go to school. Only 56% of the people finished high school degree of education while 7% finishes their college education. That is why, most of the Navajo people are striving hard to be educated to have a job. The annual budget that Navajo people are spending in terms of the agriculture, infrastructure and all other aspects of their government is approximately $96 million having annual revenue of $137 million. This is just a manifestation that the government also spares time and effort giving help to Navajo people towards their progression.

Getting to know more about Navajo nation statistics is very important, even if you are not part of their nation. Through this, you are given the chance to determine their culture, population and tradition. People can also determine if their nation is given equal attention by the United States towards their goal of achieving successful and progressive population.

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