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Navajo Cliff Dwellings

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Most travelers in the United States are very interested to visit some of the popular cliff dwellings where Navajo people are residing. They wanted to spare time witnessing the mesmerizing and spectacular ancient Navajo cliff dwellings. Seeing these cliff dwellings is very essential since it provides them historical experiences that happen in the past that they would never forget.

Some of the Navajo cliff dwellings that people need to be familiar with includes the following:

Navajo National Monument

This is considered to be one of the largest cliff dwellings of the Navajo people. This monument comprises the Anasazi ruins that are filled with historical events. It provides avid hikers thrilling experience that would give them enough time to explore the place. It is located at an approximate nine miles north of the Kayenta Arizona in the northeastern part of the Flagstaff AZ. The monument is filled with historical artworks that are carved on the cliff that could arouse amusement and excitement to the people.


This is spectacular Navajo cliff dwellings which manifest as a lodge house of the Navjo people. It is made from architectural marvel which is perched in a sandstone wall. This remains to be a remarkable testament that signifies the determination and skills of the Navajo people in creating and structuring the cliff dwellings. These Navajo Cliff Dwellings consists of huge numbers of basketry, remarkable and stunning pottery and even treasured and preserved corn grains and ears that surrounds the cliff dwellings.

This particular cliff dwelling has four hours trip around the whole area, but this is considered to be strenuous type of hiking activity. This may seem too long but finishing your trip would always be a great achievement since you can effectively see the complete view of the place. Surpassing all challenging and thrilling slopes in the cliff dwellings is very essential for all the people visiting the place.

Keet Steel

This is considered to be broken pottery Navajo cliff dwellings that Navajo people are really proud of. It is an impressive cliff dwelling which has an elevation that is approximately 7,000 feet. Although the hiking experiences could be a rigorous journey for the people but people are assured that they would completely acquire fascinating experience roaming around the place. The cliff is approximately 8.5 miles from the starting point of the trip but at the end of which is a real achievement that you would never forget. There are also carved structures in the place that would really catch your attention. Visiting the place is very important for all the people since even for just a short period of time, they are given greater chance to witness the spectacular view of the place.

With Navajo cliff dwellings, people are greatly assured that they can also be part of the culture and community of the people even for just a short period trip in their cliff dwellings. It is really an exciting adventure visiting their cliff dwellings particularly for people who really wanted to get to know more about the culture of the Navajo people. Visiting any of these cliff dwellings is an essential way showing that you really wanted to preserve and be part of their culture, even if you are not of the same race.

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