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Navajo Concho Belt

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In the eighteen hundreds, Navajo Concho belt was typically fashioned and handmade from turquoise stone and silver metal. This belt is constructed from the leather strap along with Conchos or metal and stone that are fastened on the belt at uniform and regular intervals.

With its intricate and unusual design that is coupled by individual beauty, Navajo Concho belt is a perfect accessory to anyone interested in making a perfect and unique fashion.

Navajo Concho Belt as Part of the Fashion of the Navajo People

Looking at the sculpture and painting of the Navajo people, the designs truly complement to the styles, jackets and hats in the industry. The hats of the Navajo also become successful because of Billy Jack movies.

At the present, even though most of the folks are not likely wearing Navajo hats, many of them purchase concho belt. This belt is traced back at the origin of the Navajo people. This is not a belt which is being cranked out in the assembly line. Actually, this Concho belt is personally designed, custom-made and hand crafted. This may end up too expensive for those who are interested of buying it.

History of the Concho Belt

Among the many art pieces of the Navajo, Navajo Concho belt is still the best and interesting products. On the other hand, Concha shell is known to be a circular, oval, large and silver like ornament.

Good Navajo concho belt is represented by patiently worked and repeated designs. One element is being hammered that it did not buckle. It is fastened along leather thongs. This is a part of the art that is being practiced by the many smiths. Navajo Concho belt is highly sought and valued by the many Navajo people such as Zunis and Hopis. The silver started to have its great effect among the desert people.

Navajo Concho belt is truly a symbol of elegance among women. This also gives them additional prestige among others.

The Beauty of Concho Belt

Navajo Concho belt is truly perfect because of its lovely and beautiful turquoise stones. This is a perfect craft piece and replica that gives a good look to anyone who uses it. There are also concho belt for women that incorporate peyote beads, shell beads and oval stones. The back part is made of leather. This is an even interesting belt because of being unique and pretty.

There are also seed beads that are sewn for Navajo concho belt. They also have their specific design styles that make them look distinct and unique. They can be used to showcase a true and perfect fashion statement.

Navajo concho belt is a handcrafted jewelry that is also specialized and made fine. It can be made according to the taste and preference of the wearer. There are lots of designs for Concho belt that are a really classic and gorgeous. Even the fourteen Conchos are hand hammered, stamped and hand cut along traditional patterns.

The Navajo Concho belt is amazing that it best reflects the styles before. This is also made to last for a lifetime. This also matches with other silver jewelry that is a part of the collection!

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