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Great Angelfish Facts for Kids

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If one were to study all of the ocean’s organisms not only would they spend a ridiculous amount of time doing so, but they would also find many unique creatures in the ocean that are not replicated anywhere else. From multicolored fish to eyeless sea creatures, the deep blue sea is full of surprises.

While we have yet to fully explore our oceans, as we know more about space than we do about the 97% of ocean that makes up our water, we have found some interesting organisms. One of these organisms is the angelfish, an omnivorous fish that lives in both fresh and salt waters. While on the surface the angel fish might seem uninteresting or plain, a closer inspection reveals something about this organism: it is one of the coolest animals to learn about in the world.

More Than One Type of Angelfish?

There are two types of Angelfish in the world, one marine and one freshwater. The freshwater organism is named Pterophyllum, also known as cichlids. The other type is a marine angelfish, which is called Pomacanthidae. Depending on the type of angelfish, the fish chooses different habitats in accordance to its characteristics.

The freshwater ones are usually located around the shores near the banks of ponds and lakes, in which they enjoy the cover of tall trees or high sand banks. The freshwater angelfish is usually kept as a pet, so it is important that the owner replicates this habitat when they choose to keep an angelfish as a pet.

The saltwater angelfish (Marine) is found all over parts of the world, with the most common of locations being shallow reefs in Tropical India, Africa, and parts of the Pacific Ocean. Angelfish are omnivorous, as they eat both plants and other organisms. Most of their diet is linked to sponge and algae, but on occasion angelfish will choose soft fins of fish or jellyfish.

Angelfish depend on their colors for various purposes, mostly for communication with other members of their family group. They also move to communicate, a fact that is similar to other fishes in the waters. Angelfish use their gills to breathe, in which the oxygen is carried through their two valve heart system. Some angelfish grow up to 18 inches, and some can live past 15 years old. That’s really old for a common fish.

What Makes The Angelfish Cool?

While the angelfish has similar characteristics and behaviors as its neighbor marine and freshwater organisms, their are some features that makes this organism one of a kind. For one, angelfish while primarily herbivorous, can lash out with aggressive tendencies towards smaller fish such as the Neon Tetra fish. Freshwater angelfish are completely different, however, as freshwater angelfish are primarily carnivorous. This is extremely important for those who are looking to have an angelfish as a fish pet.

Angelfish not only have aggressive emotions, however, as the angelfish is one of the smartest organisms out of both the ocean and freshwater body. They are very intelligent animals, and they are even capable or recognizing their owners if they are domesticated. This not only speaks of their brilliance as an animal, but also of their supreme loyalty to their owners.

Angelfish have unique mating patterns as while, patterns that few organisms mimick. For one, the gender of the angelfish isnt even know until mating occurs, at least to scientists it isn’t. This is because angelfish are very similar in appearance for both genders, making it hard to distinguish between the two sexes. When mating occurs, the male and female are mating for a life bond, as they will never breed or meet again. In the event that one member of mating dies, the other angelfish will refuse to mate again as long as they live.

Habits of These Unique Marine Life

Angelfish never worry of reproducing their generation, however, as a female angelfish lays 100- 1000 eggs at a time depending on the angelfish in questions. Some angelfish have even got past this in a single birthing. Angelfish are a very common type of fish found globally, with some angelfish being found as far as the Amazon River. With the freshwater angelfish group, their are several nicknames and varieties of the group. Some of the more popular variety ones are Marbles, Zebras, Veils, and Golds angelfishes.

The angelfish as a collective is known as the Silver Angel, as most wild angelfishes found are silver in color, though this varies with the type of fish and how it was bred. The angelfish is a one of a kind fish species that many kids and adults have come to love in domesticating them. Angelfish are good pets to keep around, and as long as you follow condition directions for your angelfish, you should be able to keep a healthy angelfish around for at least 10 years.

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