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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Pros and Cons

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A clarity enhanced diamond may seem very appealing to the eye as well as the pocket book, but what are the risks? Clarity enhancing diamonds involves getting rid of any blemishes that are in the stone, it can improve the appearance of the diamond to the naked eye, but also has some negative effects as well. We all know the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but is clarity enhancement the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons involved.

Pros Of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

1. Cost Effective
Clarity enhanced diamonds are much cheaper to buy than other “unaltered” diamonds of the same caliber. The average savings when going with CE diamonds is around 2,000 dollars.

2. It’s All In The Appearance
The overall look of the diamond is greatly improved by clarity enhancement. The flaws and blemishes in the stone are masked, leaving a flawless finish.

3. Who Will Know?
The majority of people will not be able to tell that the stone has been enhanced in anyway. They will be left thinking that you have a beautiful untouched diamond.

4. Nearly Permanent
The process and materials used in the enhancement process are pretty strong. The enhancement will last for quite some time if proper precautions are taken.

Cons Of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

1. Less Durable Diamonds
The drilling of the diamond causes structural problems to arise. Diamonds that have been enhanced lose some of their strength and durability due to this process.

2. Resell Value
Clarity enhanced diamonds are very hard to sell or trade in. The majority of jewelers do not have any interest in altered stones. This can make it very hard to sell.

3. Sparkle Loss
The odd way that light travels through the glass like material used to fill the imperfections can cause the sparkle, or brilliance, or the diamond the be negatively effected.

4. The 99%
When a diamond undergoes clarity enhancing it turns from a pure diamond to being only 99% diamond. This is because they are adding man made materials into the stone.

5. Weight
Diamonds are naturally very light and any added weight is noticeable. The material used to fill the fractures in the diamond during enhancement adds, while small, a noticeable amount of weight to the stone. This makes for a “false diamond weight”.

6. Cleaning Problems
Professional cleanings are out the window for clarity enhanced diamonds. The chemicals and heat that is used can break down the material used to correct them. Only soap and water can be used on clarity enhanced diamonds.

7. Doesn’t Make The Grade
Diamond grading labs will not give clarity enhanced diamonds a grade. This is because the true state of the stone cannot be determined. This may cause problems if you plan on ensuring your diamond.

8. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Aren’t Forever
There are extremely strict guidelines for CE diamond care. If these are not followed the the glass like material used breaks down and the flaws that existed before begin to reappear.

9. Drilling Is Not The Answer
The single biggest con of clarity enhanced diamonds is the fact that in order for the process to be complete, the diamond has to drilled into multiple times. This alters a precious gem stone.

Important Facts About Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

  • There are two ways that diamonds are clarity enhanced. They are laser drilling and fracture filling.
  • Laser Drilling - Laser drilling is done by using a laser to create small tunnels in the diamonds. These tunnels lead to whatever imperfection exists. The laser then burns the blemish off. A glass like material is then used to fill the tunnels that were created.
    Fracture Filling- During fracture filling, any feathering or other structural problems in the diamond are drilled into and filled with a glassy like material that redirects light around the issue.

  • There is one fool proof way to tell if a diamond has been clarity enhanced. Pick it up and put it to the light, twist the diamond around. If the stone gives off a pink light, then it has been clarity enhanced. This pink color is produced by the material used to fill the blemishes. Regular diamonds do not shine any form of pink.
  • Aside from clarity enhancement, color enhancement is also commonly done to diamonds that are an off color. Various chemicals are used to improve the color of the stone.
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