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Causes of World War Two

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World War Two is one of the most unforgettable warfare in the history of this world. It caused a lot of problems in the global economy in the past and many people died in the dangerous attacks that were executed in its whole duration. According to some individuals, this historical conflict has so many causes: and those causes are the following:

1. World War II started when a group called the Axis Powers was organized by three powerful nations to dominate this world and to destroy the other nations.

2. The Axis Powers refers to the group of Japan, Italy and Germany. These three nations conducted aerial and bomb attack to the different parts of Europe and in other countries to show their powers. And because of those attacks, World War II has been declared.

3. This historical warfare got worst and more dangerous when an opposition group for the Axis Powers was organized. The group was named as the Allied Nations. Such group was composed of the following countries: China, United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union and France.

4. World War II lasted for more than five years because of the existence of Axis Powers and Allied Nations.

5. Its negative effects lasted for more than five years since the Axis Powers embody the most powerful nations in this world in the past. The goal of this group is to eliminate the other nations and to dominate this world. However, such goal was not achieved by this group because of the strategic attacks that were conducted by the Allied Nations.

6. World War II became more dangerous when Hitler started to show great power against Axis Power. This man sentenced eighty four German generals with execution as a manifestation of anger to the members of the Axis Powers.

7. Some people say that World War II occurred in this world in the past to decrease the number of populations in the different parts of the globe.

8. World War II was conducted also in the past to lessen the effects of poverty in the other nations by killing the poor people.

9. The creation of atomic bombs in this world led to the start of World War II in the past. Some nations start to establish fear in the minds of the other nations during that time with the use of atomic bombs.

These are the causes of World War II that the people in this world should not forget. As much as possible, such causes should not be repeated anymore in order to make sure that World War III will never happen anymore. It’s time to think of a better world and forget the useless conflicts that can cause misunderstandings.

Territorial disputes must be resolved in a very silent and peaceful way to make sure that the presence of peace in this world will never be destroyed. As of now, China starts to show power over the other nations. One of the main reasons why this country became so aggressive at the present time is the presence of powerful weapons in its military equipments. The Chinese people should try to understand the meaning of the word “discipline” or “respect” nowadays to enlighten their minds.

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