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9 Central Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

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Earlier this year a historical decision was made by the United States Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriages in every single state in America. While many believed that this was a step that should have been taken many years ago, other believe that this will have a very negative impact on many different aspects of society in the country. In order to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding gay marriage, we need to take a look at the issue from both sides of the fence.

The Pros of Gay Marriage

1. Not Allowing It Is Discrimination
When the government begins to take such bold stances on things such as marriage, they are really taking a stand against discrimination of a person for any reason. Having basic rights, like to marry the person you love, is part of the constitution that this country was built on, and the government has no right to decide who it pertains to and who it does not.

2. Equal Benefits For All
When you get married, you get to enjoy certain benefits that you cannot otherwise. Some of these include tax breaks, insurance benefits, and beneficiary rights. If a gay couple could not marry, then they could also not get the rights that they are entitled to by being in a long term committed relationship. This was one of the biggest focuses of the equal love campaign surrounding the gay marriage decision.

3. Love Is Love
The government has no right to decide whose love is legal and whose is not. Gay marriage is simply the marriage between two people who love each other in the same way that a man and a woman who wish to get married do. Gay marriage is simply a celebration of love, which everyone deserves to be able to have.

4. Religion Is The Issue
The majority of arguments that come out against gay marriage are purely, or largely, religious ones. Religion has never been allowed to dictate the rights of all people in America, and this should stay true for gay rights as well.

5. Views Are Changing
The taboo surrounding being gay are beginning to dissolve and people are coming into a new age way of thinking. Gay marriage is truly hurting no one, and people are beginning to see and understand this.

The Cons of Gay Marriage

1. Where Is The Line Drawn?
Marriage has historically been defined as a bond between a man and woman, when you try venture away from the value, many things can happen. By legalizing gay marriage, which is viewed as an non traditional relationship, other types of relationships may begin seeking legal rights. One example of this is polygamy, which is when a man or woman takes on multiple wives/husbands.

2. Religiously Sacred
Marriage is a religious term, used to define a relationship between a man, woman, and God. The majority of opponents of gay marriage believe that allowing gay couples to be legally married goes against the true meaning of what a marriage is and supposed to be.

3. Procreation Is The Purpose
The entire mission of being on this planet is to procreate and expand the population. This is ideally, what marriage is for. To create a stable environment to bring children into the world, and pass on good values to better the future. Gay couples do not have the ability to procreate, which is why many people believe that the marriage is invalid and wrong.

4. It Confuses The Children
Children are always looking around them and questioning the world that they live in. It can be extremely confusing for a child to see homosexual couples together, or with a child. The message that it is okay or normal to be in a gay relationship can be one that harms the values and morals that parents are trying to instill in their children. This also causes the topic of reproduction to be brought up at a much younger age.

Important Facts About Gay Marriage

  • The first legal same sex marriage happened in 2004 in Massachusetts.
  • The United States became the 21 st country to fully legalize gay marriage in the world.
  • Netherlands was the first country to do so, in 2001.
  • American support for gay marriage rose to 57 percent from a mere 30 percent between 2010 and 2015.
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